Hiding Your 'Bits'

How To Hide Your 'Crown Jewels!'

The first question every one asks "Where is the three-piece suite?" With your legs wide apart, you can gently ease your testicles into the cavities from which they descended they will disappear leaving only the loose scrotum sack. OOH, it doesn't hurt - really! If you then put your penis back and down between your legs and put your legs together you have...

As we say, in the trade 'Tucked' !

The more you do it the more natural it will feel until as you push back your penis the testicles will find their way into the cavities on their own. When you take your knickers off and spread your legs the testicles should drop out into their normal position in the scrotum sack. If they don't it is because the testicles are a little large for the cavities openings. Gentle pressure on the groin (where the pubic hair grows) will pop them back out. With a bit of practice you will create a flat girly genital area. But please - at your own risk.

(N.B. We know of no evidence to suggest that this practice has any long term detrimental effect from, for example, prostrate cancer. However raising the testes to full body temperature, as they will be in the body cavity, for any length of time will inevitably reduce fertility temporarily. After a period back at the natural body temperature normal levels of fertility will return. There should be no detrimental effect on your ability to get an erection or to orgasm).

Suitable panties with a wide gusset hold everything in place. Ordinary knickers generally are not strong enough. A strong panty girdle will hold everything in place. But this will also squeeze the femininity out of your bum. Specialist tranny shops sell a device called a 'cache sex' or a special type of underpants called 'gaffs'. A girls dance belt from a dance wear shop, (not the boys as they are padded), is perfect as it holds all the bits securely, whist leaving the buttocks soft and full. A flesh coloured dance thong under flesh coloured dance tights is perfect. Then the fishnets, nylons, and fancy knickers can be worn on top.



Now you know !!!