Buying Clothes

The Best Places To Buy Clothes

Fundamentally cross-dressing is all about wearing clothes. So how does a guy go about getting women's clothes for himself?

If you have a female partner there is an enormous temptation to try everything she owns (whatever size it is). Even if she is supportive she is likely to be upset about her new size 8 'La Perla' lingerie being stretched onto your size 18 body. However she might designate safe-to-borrow items. If she doesn't know, she is very likely to notice the change of position, the smell, the make-up mark. You are playing with fire.

It is common practice for cross-dressers to go to a shop, and ask an assistant for help with a special present for a wife or girlfriend.

In most cases, however, the shop assistants can tell if you are buying the 'present' for yourself. and in general with increased acceptance and the need to do business, shops will be grateful for your custom.

Your positive and polite attitude will be your ticket to success. When you have spotted your potential purchase, approach the senior assistant who will have had the most training and experience, and will know or be able to decide on the shop's policy. If you are uncertain about the size or style and want to try something on, state that you would like to buy this for yourself but that you are worried about the size/style. The assistant will generally help you with alternative sizes, styles, return policy and MAY offer you the chance to try it on. This will be based on what facilities the shop has available and how busy the shop is and . If the shop has individual cubicles they will usually help.

However convincing you may think you are, please NEVER use a 'communal' changing room to try things on. You not only risk arrest under breach of the peace law - you risk negative publicity that lets down cross-dressers everywhere.

Mail order

Mail order has many major bonuses for cross-dressers. You can apply for any catalogue to any company in your femme name. You can in most cases pay the bill for your 'girlfriend', as the name of the customer does not have to be the same as the person who pays the bill.

The explosion of internet shops with on line purchasing systems has brought high street names and specialists alike to the world of mail order. One advantage of this is as they do not have to display stock like a shop they can offer a wider range of sizes. The internet is also a great place to find wild designs and specialist products which may have too small a market to support display space in the average shopping mall.

Catalogues generally have good sizing information that is accurate. Mail order companies usually offer larger sizes as they don't have to carry stock of less popular sizes. Almost every mail order company offers a good returns policy (but check before ordering). Companies that only sell by mail order expect returns simply because the item isn't as expected or didn't look good on. Many regular girls will send back two thirds of what they order for these reasons. However you will gain a black name if you do this and never buy anything.

Whether specialist products or regular main stream products everything is available by mail order. Whether using the Internet or fax buying from other countries using a credit card has never been easier.

On the down side it can take a long time to get your deliveries and you need an address that is available to receive your delivery. There can also be hidden costs in p&p and duty .

Mail order is highly recommended for trannies and you may get a free carriage clock or kettle just for taking on a mail order book - well!!