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Finding the best shape Eyebrows for you

For some plucking or shaving to achieve the pefect eybrow is not an option.... So I'm going to show you the eyebrow 'plastic' technique which masks eyebrows rather than removing them. It involves using a heated product on your skin, so please be careful and good luck.

Step 1 Firstly remember you 'plastic' out your eyebrows before you apply foundation and powder. Ensure brows are clean, dry and oil free. Then use an eyebrow comb to ensure hairs are separated.

Step 2 Take your plastic stick and using a small flame (match or lighter), heat the end of the stick until you see the plastic soften (2-3 seconds). Then wait until the plastic forms a fresh skin (around 30 seconds) but is still warm. Push the plastic in to the eyebrows starting from underneath the brows. Pushing it through in the direction of the hair growth. A good tip is to keep the inner upper section of the eyebrows exposed, this will make pencilling your eyebrows back in easier (although you can cover the entire brows if you desire). Repeat this process until eyebrows are flat and smooth.

Step 3 After waiting a few minutes for the plastic to cool, lightly powder. Then apply a coat of sealer (or spirit gum) completely covering flattened area. Allow to dry then lightly powder again.

Step 4 Using a make-up sponge, apply foundation in a patting motion over flattened area (this is an ideal time to do all your foundation). Ensure foundation is smooth before generously powdering.

Step 5 You're now ready to start your eye make-up. The way you choose to shape, lengthen and arch your eyebrows is pretty much up to you, but you're probably best keeping them to a fairly natural shape. If you kept the inner upper part of your brows exposed, use this area as a guide and keep to the upper edge of your natural brows. Remember, with your brows raised you can do higher socket definition and false eyelashes look great with plasticised eyebrows. I would recommend an iridescent shadow highlighter directly under the brow. This bounces light around and your new brows will look better close up. Use photograph five for ideas on how to create stunningly dramatic eyes.


To remove eyebrow plastic baby oil is great as it breaks down the plastic. Gently work it through the brows until the plastic is well broken down. Then using a damp , warm flannel wipe away. Repeat if neccesary then cleanse or wash face as normal. Spirit gum remover is also available should any residue remain. Try to be as gentle as you can and avoid getting products in your eyes.

By Pandora De Pledge Image Works


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