Choosing An Image

How To Find The Best Image For You

The breadth of styles and types of clothes available for women is enormous and constantly changing. This may be a strong factor in our cross-dressing. Let's face it "men's clothes are SO boring".

Choosing an Image

How to develop a style that suits us in front of the mirror or a critical public? The very first step must be to critically consider what is possible within the constraints of your body shape and age. Many, at first, appear to like the tarty look of the street hooker and this may be fun for your mirror, your camera, maybe the internet and some specialist venues (once you are inside the door). However on most public excursions you need to consider what is appropriate for each occasion. This is where you learn why women with a bulging wardrobe still say so often

"I haven't got a thing to wear".

We are all influenced by what we see around us in the street or in the office as well as television and magazines. It can be enormous fun to play with all the styles and images whether we get out to show the world or not.

Do you want to 'pass' in the local supermarket?

Study the average shopper. Current fashions dictate trousers for women in almost every occasion. To wear a skirt will make you the odd one out. However shopping at the appropriate timing "on the way home from work look" will work.

Do you want to make a sensational entrance at the your favourite night-club?

Trousers rule here too. Think Madonna in her 'Music' video. However this is still the place to show your legs in hot pants or a mini dresses. Glitter has returned and PVC and fetishy looks continues to have a major influence on the trendy club scene where larger than life super-heroes can be a star for the night and often get in for free.

Do you want to look as good as the smartest girl in the office?

You may not be able to go to work in your finery but the office girl look can be so sexy. While (mostly male) bosses still encourage female staff to "make an effort" and expect a skirt or dress - this may be the image paraded in front of you every day and the image that you want a part of. Nails have to be perfect as they flash across the keyboard in front of you. Stockings keep you fresh, (at least that's your excuse). They also drives the boys in the office mad with a flash here and there as you go about your business.

Do you want to hold court at the restaurant?

A meal with the girls is the perfect outing. Match the outfit to the style of eatery and the stage is set. Sitting in comfort in those killer heels. You can flirt from table to table.

Do you want to be the sexiest, most sophisticated, most glamourous girl in the shopping mall?

City malls attract the ladies that lunch. Heavy make-up and skirt suits don't look out of place in the better department stores.