Laser Vs Electrolysis

Sarah Thomas considers the Technologies

Well respected Electrolysis practitioner Sara Thomas has considered the new technologies and has drawn her conclusions which were published in 'Gems News' in the autumn of 2000.

Sara Thomas qualifications include MBAE. Btech HND and BABTAC. A number of trannies have recomended her to me for her skill with the electrolysis needle.

"I have been working in the field of Electrolysis for the past 16 years and specialising in removing hair permanently for transgendered people who want to remove facial growth and unwanted body hair for the past 9 years. Over the past few years, new technology such as the Lasers and Intense Pulsed Light Systems have come to the forefront of hair removal.
What is the best option for you?
What clinical evidence do you really have to prove that they really are as effective as prophesised?
Is Electrolysis the answer or is it not?
The reports are all so conflicting".

Needle Electrolysis

Of course as Sara works hour after hour using needle technology she is well qualified to point out it's negatives and positives points."Needle Electrolysis ... has had over 100 years to achieve its stamp of approval... The negative side to this treatment is that it is time consuming and can take from 18 months to 3 years to remove all the hair permanently, (depending upon the density of beard growth). This is an invasive method, which does produce discomfort and some skin reaction, redness known as erythema". She goes on to say "The positive side to Electrolysis treatment is that it works on all skin types, works whether the clients' hormone levels are male or female, works on any type of hair structure - fine or strong and is proven to permanently destroys hair growth if caught in the 'Anagen' stage".

Intense Pulsed Light Systems & Lasers

Sara has studied the new technology "Intense pulsed light systems and Lasers are the promised technology of the future in hair removal. The major advantage of these treatments is that large areas can be treated in a short period of time. The discomfort of the treatment depends from one individual to another, but is marginally less painful than Electrolysis."

Sara concludes in her article "As a practising electrologist, I have decided to offer the pulsed light system to work alongside electrolysis. If a client can afford the new technology but is not completely satisfied with the end result, then I can offer electrolysis to finalise what the client set out to achieve. At this time I would strongly recommend all hair removal in the genital area prior to reassignment surgery be carried out by electrolysis, as you need the guarantee of permanency prior to surgery not the uncertainty of hair returning internally' within 5 years. I would not consider laser or pulsed light for this area. The future will bring refined laser technology, superior cooling devices, effective topical treatments and permanency. Electrolysis I feel will always continue to play a part in the field of permanent hair removal".

At this time Vicky Lee recommends:-

Research and choose a therapist that works full time (i.e. a good number of hours every day) with the chosen method. Agree a contract of time and expense. Expect to work a steady cycle to follow the growth patterns of your hair follicles.

*Other Hair Removalists are listed and advertise throughout this Tranzgender A to Z Directory*

With any NEW technology take a 3 month break after a year. Discuss and agree a new contract based on the results after this 3 month break.

It is NOT possible or fair on ANY method or therapist to judge results on a few spasmodic appointments.

Sara Thomas
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