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How To Apply Your Make-Up

Photo 1 Start your makeover by washing your face in the way you would normally and then try to get as close a shave as possible to remove any stubble and facial hair. Moisturise.

Photo 2 Apply your foundation very thickly over the beard and moustache area, making sure to cover every space where facial hair would grow. Start blending the foundation with a make-up sponge, (foam make-up triangles can be bought very cheaply from most chemists or make-up stockists), but do not wipe the foundation around the face. Simply dab and press the foundation on to the face until the surface and appearance is evened out. What is left on the sponge will be adequate to then blend the rest of the face ie the forehead, cheeks, nose etc. Make sure that you cover every millimetre of your face, including the crevices either side of the nose and under the eye. Next you can apply concealer or cover-up stick to the under eye area to cover any dark shadows or blemishes. Gently blend this with your finger, but again do not wipe the make-up away, just pat and blend into the area.

Photo 3 Use your powder GENEROUSLY This is what will set the foundation which you have just applied. Heavily load your powder sponge with powder and then apply to your whole face using a strong patting motion. Make sure that your whole face is covered in powder, then gently brush away the excess powder with a large make-up brush This is your base completed, your face should be like a blank canvas ready to apply definition to.

Photo 4 Pull the skin taut on your face to determine the line of the cheekbone. Then apply a dark bronze blusher in a line along the cheekbone and slightly under. With your blusher brush you can then begin to blend this line with long light strokes, being careful not to blend the blusher up towards the eye area too much. Instead concentrate on blending just either side of the line you have created. Now apply your bronze blusher to the temple areas as this slims the forehead. Also lightly apply the blusher using your brush to the area either side of the nose. Again this makes the nose look thinner and more feminine. You can also apply the blusher lightly along the jaw line to give your profile more definition and slim the lower face.

Photo 5 Next apply, (with an eyeshadow applicator or your finger), white highlighter or white eyeshadow to the area just beneath the brow bone and down to the crevice of the eye socket. Also apply the highlighter to the length of the nose blending with your finger. Again making your nose look thinner and feminine. Next apply the highlighter to the area above the line of blusher that was done on your cheekbone. Blend gently with your blusher to give the area a pearly glow and raise your cheekbone thus accentuating the previous work you have already done on your cheeks. Then take an eyebrow pencil that matches your colouring (usually black or brown) and gently sweep along the length of your eyebrow until they begin to take the colour of the pencil. You can gently train them into a more flattering shape by lightly building areas that may be thinner than others. A good tip is to slightly elongate the brows by adding to the outer edge with your pencil. The key here is to gently enhance what you already have instead of thickly drawing on a new pair of eyebrows which are difficult to get even and can quite often look messy.

Photo 6 Take a liquid eyeliner or kohl pencil and draw a fine line very close to the lashes from the inner part of the eyelid to the outer, (thickening the line slightly towards the outside edge). Next deepen your brow bone, (the natural crease between your eyelid and eyebrows), using a brown eyeshadow, being careful not to over do It (sometimes less is more!) Make sure the outer edge of the brow bone line meets the outside edge of the top line eyeliner Blend gently with a cotton-bud stick.

Photo 7 Using Kohl pencil or liquid eyeliner draw a fine line from the outer edge very close to your lashes, about two thirds of the way along the bottom part of your eyelid Soften line with a cotton-bud stick.

Photo 8 Apply false eyelashes by putting a thin layer of the glue on the rim, (which normally comes with the eyelashes). Hold the eyelashes in the centre by the tips using your finger and thumb. Then place the lash middle point over the middle of the eye and gently place on the eyelid. Keep as close to your own eyelashes as possible. Firmly hold the eyelash in place with your fingertip for a couple of seconds and keep the eye closed. After about thirty seconds open your eye. Next blend your own eyelashes together with the false eyelashes by using a light application of mascara. Take the mascara wand and gently push your own eyelashes up towards the false eyelashes. Then gently touch your lower lashes with the mascara wand as you did with your upper eyelashes.

Photo 9 Outline your lips with a lip pencil, usually a shade darker than the lipstick that you wish to wear. Try not to draw outside of your own natural lip line as this can look very un-natural and obvious try to use one long stroke of the pencil, from the corner of the mouth to the middle and then repeat on the other side

Photo 10 Fill the lips with your chosen lipstick direct onto the lips (or a lip brush). Blend the lip line that you have already drawn with the lip brush but do not go over the outer edge of the line It is best to blend the line inward on the lips rather than outward and over the lip line. Blot over the lipstick with more of your loose powder until the lips are matt and dry Gently brush away the excess powder with your large powder brush.

Photo 11 Reapply lipstick and As a finishing touch add a dab of your white highlighter in the middle of your lower lip.

Then The Stunning End Result !!


With grateful thanks to Jodie
Model : Rob to Allison Photography by Academy Studios
Make-up by Pandora De Pledge.