Trading Shapes

Make your Masculine body more Feminine


It is easy to get passionate about tights and stockings but - if it is not possible to wax or shave the look and the feel is ruined. Dance tights sheer to the waist and with a great deal of lycra in them, are the perfect foundation for the lower half. These tights will smooth out imperfections and are thick enough to hide, with just one layer, hairs and blemishes. Flesh coloured dance tights worn over a flesh coloured dance belt, (the corset can also be worn underneath), to gives the perfect nude image below the waist. Sexy lacy undies, sheer tights or stockings can be worn over this foundation. Now you know the secrets of all the showgirls.

Hips and Rear

Fashions have differed in this area over thousands of years. However most women have wider hips and more amply rears than men. You will find specialist pads and padded underwear for the purpose of shaping these areas in this book. Foam shoulder pads, carefully positioned beneath dance tights can also achieve the desired shape. Waist It is rare to find any woman who believes her waist to be small enough and stomach flat enough. If you are not already aware that you "are what you eat" you will be if you aim to feminize your body. Diet will not only effect your shape but also your skin, hair and energy. You will win support from friends and family if you get to grips with diet. However most of us still need help to create a feminine waist, so a good lace up corset may be a necessity. The choice of corset depends on the shape of you and how much bare flesh you are going to leave exposed. You will find many corset suppliers in this book.


A simple pair of boobs can be made from flesh coloured tights folded into shape and tied into a stocking bag. The knot can be positioned for a nipple. Silicone breast forms are the 'ultimate feel right falsies'. They feel very real to the touch. You will find a number of suppliers in this TGAtoZ Directory. Slipped into the bra cups these will warm up to your body temperature and move like they are part of you. Wearing a low cut bra that exposes the breast form can ruin this expensive effect, it is best to choose a pretty bra that covers the breast form completely. Alternatively a corset or one piece 'body' could provide bra cups which could hold the breast forms. You should consider having breast forms built into a Basque or corset for a strapless outfit. A 'Wonderbra' can also do quite amazing things by creating a cleavage from almost nothing. A favourite trick is to use tape from armpit to armpit to create a cleavage. This needs experimentation, beware some tape will stick so firmly that it will tear your skin on removal, avoid this with a small test for a few hours.

Bringing it all Together

If you have need for all of the above - the breast forms, corset, hip pads, the effect can look like an odd construction kit. (Even through your outer clothes). A firm one piece 'body' will helps to bring the whole look together, smoothing out the joins and presenting you with the appearance of wearing just one piece of underwear.