Shaving Hair

Shaving Your Face

You may think you know how to shave your face but as a 'girl' you want it REALLY smooth and to last for a long time. Start by holding a flannel soaked in hot water firmly tothe beard area to soften the hair. Take off excess wetness and apply a good layer of shaving foam to allow it to soften the hair. A blade that has been used too many times will drag and be useless on your face. Shave top to bottom with the growth of the hair first. Re-apply a thin layer of shaving foam and shave up against the growth. For the ultimate, shave one more time after smoothing on a good layer of moisturiser, again against the growth. Feel the skin with your other hand, and learn in which direction the hair grows, especially on the neck, so that the final strokes are against the growth. After drying your face always use moisturiser.

Body Hair

In this day and age a toned, hairless male body is desired by many men and women too. Despite the problem of stubble re-growth much the most popular way of keeping the body smooth is to shave. Once experienced you will never want body hair again.

So - Where do you start
First run a bath, not too hot, use some nice bubble bath. Don't touch the skin for at least three minutes after getting in. The skin goose pimples as the change of temperature. Ater a few minutes it will soften, the pores will open and the soapy water will soften the hairs. You will need a good triple blade razor. If you are shaving for the first time and the hair is long, the razor will clog up immediately. The secret is to keep the razor against the skin and move back and forth in short movements - under water. The back movement will unclog the blade. For the first few shaves some irritation is bound to occur. This irritation diminishes if you shave regularly. When you get into a routine every 2-4 days, the razor only needs to travel in one direction with nice long strokes. The easiest way to do this is by lying on your back in the water and lifting one leg at a time out of the water. Be sure to stretch and position your leg to present as flat an area as possible to the blade. Take care with the back of the ankle and the back of the knees; this is where it is easy to cut your skin. On the front of the leg, point the toe to flatten the shinbone and bend the knee to present the knee as a smooth dome to the blade. Keep the leg and blade wet, and wash the blade regularly. Shaving foam is NOT required. A small amount of ordinary shampoo will help the blade cut smoothly and comfortably. Cut against the growth of the hair and use your other hand to feel for any area missed. The prickly feel of re-growth does diminish after a few months. After drying yourself, moisturise all over with a body lotion. This will stop the skin from drying out and will make you feel silky soft. All other areas of the body can be treated in the same way. One area that is much easier to shave than you might imagine, is the least feminine part (the crack and sack), if you know what I mean.

This may all sound tedious, but with practice the total routine for all areas of the body, can take as little as 15 minutes. Many girls shave legs and underarms everyday or two. It really is worth it.


Everybody has different rates of hair growth but you will probably need to repeat the waxing every four to six weeks. It is true that the term waxing actually makes hair softer. It is possible, depending on the amount of hair, to wax parts of the face. Epilator machines tend to break hairs off and hurt like hell. (No pain no gain!!).