Wigs & Hair Extensions


Hair is probably the most important feature that distinguishes gender difference especially at this time when the fashion for men's hair styles are so very short. The most obvious way to experiment with your image is to wear wigs.

Wigs can totally change your appearance. Many people like this total change. Wigs come in many styles, colours and qualities, you really do need to try them on to get the one(s) to suit and fit you best. Real hair wigs are much more expensive than monofibre and are much harder to look after needing a good understanding of styling techniques. When choosing a wig, ask yourself whether you want a natural daytime or a big glamourous evening look. Women make the most of hair for special occasions by styling it, but wigs come ready styled and are difficult to tame for day wear and a glam wig worn during the day will make you stand out in a crowd. Most longer wigs will look more natural if some hair is pinned, clipped or tied up. Wigs can be cut and styled to flatter the shape of your face. Lace front wigs appear (at least from a distance) as if the hair is growing from your scalp. These are designed for the stage to allow hair to be swept up off the face. These used to be very expensive but recently a number of manufacturers have brought out reasonably priced ready to wear wigs with lace fronts. So be bold and have a good chat with the girls in the hair salons and wig shops.

Many well known people use wigs all the time. UK soap stars Barbara Windor is a real study with the various styles she uses as Peggy at the 'Vic' to a glam look for a celebrity interview. Cher makes it obvious that she uses wigs by changing not only style but also colour all in one show. Wigs can be great fun and can help you create character or period looks whether you want to look like a young pop queen like Britney Spears or historical queen like Marie Antoinette.

Wigs Care

Most synthetic wigs can be stored tucked away in a bag. Real hair wigs, however, need to be kept on a wig stand to avoid losing the styling. Most wigs are styled during manufacture and will return to shape simply by shaking out prior to putting them on and then gently fingering them into shape. You should avoid over-brushing and combing which quickly damages wigs. Men generally do no more than comb or brush their hair. Watch women - they use their fingers to tease and style. This is also the way to handle your wigs. Some styles will benefit from the use of mousse, spray and leave-in conditioners. Initially ask the advice of a wig shop or hairdresser.

Your wigs will need washing and conditioning. Serious mistakes can be made whilst washing wigs. It is recommended to brush the wig through before washing and then submerge in cool water (NEVER hot) with either a special wig shampoo or a fabric detergent, (remember your wig is actually plastic the same as your acrylic clothing). Leave to soak and then rinse first in clean water then soak in clean water with a generous amount of fabric conditioner. Wrap the wig in a towel to absorb the majority of water, give it a good shake holding it at the back of the neck, before putting it on a wig stand to dry completely and before teasing it with a wide toothed comb. Alternatively ask a wig shop or hairdresser to wash and re-style your wig. Then carry it home on the wig stand inside a box. There is hardly a wig shop anywhere that does not welcome male / tranny customers.

*Many Wig shops can be found by looking in our TG AtoZ Directory on this website*


Hair Extensions

The length or thickness of your hair need not hold you back from achieving the head of hair you desire. Victoria Beckham changes the length of her hair from week to week with extensions. Extensions can be attached by a number of methods and some are better than others. Monofibre is cheaper than real hair. None are cheap. Depending on the bonding technique the process can thicken and lengthen your own hair.