Cashetta - Drag Performer

Cashetta practically tap-danced her way out of the womb, destined from birth to a life on the stage. It was no shock to her parents that their child was "special", devouring every chance for the spotlight and basking in it's glory. Seizing every opportunity to perform, from school shows to countless community theater productions, Cashetta knew what she wanted and arrived in NYC in 1991 to get it.

She originally set out to be on Broadway but learned after a few auditions that the Great White Way was too crowded and didn't offer much of a chance for a "girl like her". While she continued to make the rounds she tried a string of hopeless professions from advertising sales to automobile sales. Finally she had an idea that would totally change her life.

In 1994, Cashetta created her own public access television show, Cashetta Forever. It was a weekly sketch comedy show that was mostly improvisational and always hysterical. Although time and budget conflicts put an end to the production after only one season, she knew that she was destined for drag! Just about the time the show ended a new drag theme restaurant was opening called Lips. Cashetta wedged her way in as a cashier and quickly rose to the star of the show. It wasn't long before a lot of guts and hard work began to pay off and the buzz around town was that Cashetta was hot! She began making free appearances at other performers shows to get noticed and it worked like a charm. Soon audiences were coming to see her night after night and she started getting booked all over NYC. They rest, as they say, is history.

Cashetta is among the select few who sing live - combine that with her sharp wit and impeccable a package. She has also shared the stage with many celebrities including Eartha Kitt, Betty Buckley, Chita Rivera, Kristine W., Charo, Debbie Harry and Jimmy Sommerville. Her ability to perform for any type of audience is unparalleled and her material is so diverse and entertaining she always leaves audiences screaming "Encore"! She currently travels with her one woman show internationally and can be seen regularly in NYC when not on the road.

Email: cashetta@aol.com