Miss Amber Dextrous - Drag Performer

This story doesn't start with the Glamourpuss Amber Dextrous. Years before she was even born in the year of our lord 1994 I created a rather sad looking mime creation by the name of Poppy Cox, yes it's my secret shame. She couldn't wear eyelashes, had a wig like Rita Fairclough and a dress that looked like she'd stolen it from a Boney M revival. She had two gigs and died on her backside at both of them to the words "I love a good mime act ... and that was f**k all like one!!!" It still haunts me to this day so consider me posting this picture up as group therapy.

After travelling around the club circuit as a male singer ( I know who would have believed it), I made many friends on the Cardiff gay scene, one of which a rather gorgeous looking creature by the name of Miss Kitty who was the hostess of the then very popular Atlantica Bar and Wow nightclub. In 1996 she persuaded me to audition as a hostess, did my make up and gave me a frock (which I still have) and so Amber Dextrous was born. Where did the name come from? Another Cardiff Drag Queen by the name of Dr Beverley Ballcrusher. You were lucky I am so easily won over, otherwise you would now be looking at the website of Miss Opal Fruit.

And so the big wigged wonder I created hit the gay and straight cabaret circuit with an amazing amount of success. Now singing live and using jokes stolen from other drag acts (I had no shame). I travelled the length of the UK touring. I moved from Wales to Bristol (Cardiff was rife with them at the time) and moved to Bristol. The highlight of this period was playing to a crowd of 10,000 people on Brighton Beach with the late but great Lady Ding at the outdoor showing of Priscilla Queen of the Desert. I spent two of the most pleasurable years of my life also hosting Sunday afternoon cabaret at the local gay pub the Elephant in Bristol. At this point I formed a double act with a very .... very ... very old friend of mine Dr Beverley Ballcrusher called Pink & Fluffy and this added another string to my bow.

As the years rolled by the wigs got smaller and the act got bluer. I started working abroad as well (who can resist a drag queen with heat bumps). And so we come to 2004, eight years on from when the old slapper was first dredged up from the swamp. I moved to Bath and hold a residency at Bath's premier gay fun pub Mandalyns whilst still touring all over the place. Pink & Fluffy's lifespan of 3 years was cut short due to the increasing popularity of the solo acts in it (in other words we could never find a bloody date free when one of us wasn't working). So what's in store for the future .......... who knows.

Well here is a little update on the story. In 2005 I left Bath to move back to Cardiff with boyfriend and cat in tow. Sadly this meant I had to leave my gorgeous residency at Mandalyns . I took up a residency with Adonis cabaret, the UK's biggest hen night organiser working every Saturday in Newcastle (flights included obviously!!) and more recently in Bournemouth. Through Adonis cabaret I managed to set up another double act with the formidable Ms Davina Sparkle. I also started to write a column for the gay magazine 'One' so look out for that as well as performing like a madwoman on all over the place. Even the Far East ..... if you don't hear from me then I've been sold for 3 camels and pair of sandals.

The amber dextrous show can be booked through most reputable agencies or to book direct

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