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Emma from Ohio - Multi-media Artist

Emma says:

I call myself a multi-media artist. What I really mean is; I am a multi-sensual artist. Composition in the arts is a constant. It is how any given aspect of media is consumed by the senses we stimulate and how it is interpreted by the brain. Therefore if one understands composition, only the tools change when one sets out to stimulate the senses.

I feel fashion is one of the most well rounded mediums capable of stimulating multiple sensory arousals that I have had the pleasure to work with.

If you think about the different garments in your wardrobe; it’s easy to see how important fashion is for yourself and those around you. It could be easily said, that fashion is important because, thank God, it covers up the neighbours derriere. However the sensuality of fashion is the direction that most of us enjoy.

The feel of silk stockings and blouses to the hand or on the body, benefit the garment wearer and those lucky enough to feel the sensation from the outside. The texture of velvet, the caress of stretch wear, the slickness of a freshly lubed latex cat suit, just topically describe fashion and the sense of touch.

The earthy smell of a leather skirt or jacket, sweet white chocolate and vanilla of a clingy rubber dress, aromas from vintage nylon girdles and stockings to freshly washed cotton t-shirts, all play part in a sensual grand scheme of fashion.

A personal favourite of mine is how the sense of hearing comes into play. I love to hear the strong rhythmic sounds of a pair of high heels walking down a hard floor hallway, reverberating with each step. Perhaps if one is lucky enough; the sounds of vintage fully fashioned stockings gliding together or the crunching of a crisp leather jacket may be heard as that person walks nearer. The snap, crackle, pop, rubber garments make, is with out a doubt musical percussion to my ears.

I won’t go into the sense of taste aspects of fashion, giggles… You can use your own imagination.

The whole composition then, comes together visually. For both the wearer and the viewer, the symphony of style, colour, texture, light and shadow, take form in four dimensions. From the top of the head to the soles of your shoes, you become an interactive kinetic sculpture, stimulating from within and without.

I got my first sewing machine after watching the carpenters sew scrim together at the Playhouse, Opera and other theatres where I was a scenic painter. This machine was used at first to sew backdrops for various bands I was in at the time. I then started experimenting with stretch wear. It was off to the races from there.

After designing garments and patterns I began a body wear company. We manufactured swim and body wear, made in our home and sold worldwide. Still a huge body wear fan, long after we shut the company down, I kept all the machines, tools, cutting table and fabrics. It was shortly thereafter that I discovered the "lil Ms. Emma M." that you see here. With much evolution, determination and dumb luck, I developed my interests in fetish wear first, then an elegant but edgy day and evening look. All this predicted on the do-it-yourself mindset.

For years I have been telling folks to buy a sewing machine. Not just one but two! If you have a sewing machine it sets you free of the designers and manufactures who are making garments for girls that have figures constructed differently than yours. Sewing machines offer you the ability to alter garments and make them fit perfectly. When a garment fits perfectly; it is noticeable!

Sewing machines offer you the independence to make your own garments from scratch. You can pick colours, fabric, and styles in any combination. It is a wonderful freedom of sensual expression. Most fabrics that I use are cut then constructed on sewing machines. Latex rubber on the other hand is cut with a roller then glued with (what else…?) rubber cement. It is an arduous process that helps explain the retail pricing of that product.

What inspires me to design? Fabrics; vintage, classic and experimental fashion; my physical attributes and limitations, mood, seasons, colour, shoes, textures, aroma, music, plays, history, the list is endless… Humour and whimsy play a large role in my design as well. Being able to poke fun at yourself adds a bit of dimension and off balance harmony. The key is to learn as much as you can, then grab different parts of your life, mix them up with the utmost confidence and throw it out there to be scanned. If you trust yourself, you will be ok.

I use lots of basic design elements to fix body flaws. High neck garments are worn frequently to visually slim a neck that I perceive to be bigger than I would prefer. I developed waist nipping thong panties (a gaff) that solves three issues for me; slimming my waist, keeping my tuck and leaving no visible panty line. These trunks come in a variety of sizes and colours. They work well to tuck and nip for most body types. They sell for $12 U.S. and can be ordered by e-mailing me. I make skirts that nip the waist even further while creating the illusion of hips with extra fabric on the sides. The only padding I use is breast forms. Shoes, hosiery, foundations to outerwear are always adjusted to maximize a look. 90 – 95% of the things that I wear; I make or have altered. Unfortunately I live in a small market town that does not market for the trends and tastes that I have developed from seeing the world market. This creates the drive to develop new looks for myself.

Most of us use the senses of sight and touch when considering what to wear. When picking fabrics to make a garment or finding a treasure on a clearance rack, I use the same combination of sensation. My thought process is that of a graphic designer. I try to choose garments for lines and statements that they will make when juxtaposed in as many combinations that I can derive. I absolutely love dresses but find they don’t offer the versatility that separates do. It’s the "once worn, its been seen" rule. So the garments I design have to be versatile, sensual, make a statement and fit perfectly. Lordy!

Examples of some versatile garments are the leotards I designed for the body wear company I had. I love these garments because they can be used for working out, dancing, swim wear and if you put a skirt and jacket over it; they can be worn to a five star restaurant. By the way, many of these garments are currently being blown out at fabulous prices on E Bay auctions. Use ‘leotard’ as the search word.

I have to mention that there is quite a buzz and a bit of humour involved, pretending to be a GG model in all my E Bay auction site ads. If the public at large knew, they might never be the same. (Laughs) It’s our lil secret… See the leotard photo in this article.

Once all the garments are made, shoes and hosiery collected, I enjoy archiving the efforts and zeitgeist. Photography is a vital part of my sensual artistic path. It is also a huge part of the learning process. By doing photos of the image I have created, I am able to study the flaws and the achievements. Flaws can then be adjusted and achievements can be reused for future ensembles. Photography is also then, a means to an art of its own. Chiaroscuro the study of light to shadow, drama, body language and of course the multi-sensual ensemble combine to take the art to another level.

But perhaps we can discuss photography and image in another issue. Contact Emma M. at:

E-Bay auctions: key word ‘leotard’ E-Bay seller name: mcdmcx0