Leah True's British Bit in Bangkok

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Miss International Queen Contest

Mimi Marks (USA) Winner 2005

Yu Ri (Korea) Winner 1st Contest

Tiptantree Rujiranon
Mary Jane Castro (Philippines)

Olivia Lauren
Tiffany Ross

Leah True - Winner
Alternative Miss London Contest 2001

Leah in Miss International Queen Competition

The very lovely Miss Leah True with partner Sue and Kim Angel, plus a Channel Four film crew, are off to Thailand this week to enter "Miss International Queen Competition".

Leah tells me that Chanel 4, who are sponsoring her are doing a great job and that the finished program will be "the best tranny program on telly EVER"

Leah is up against some very strong entries - but Great Britain can start the competition off well by voting in the Ripley’s Believe it or Not online competition. SO Please Please Please go to the link below, register to vote - put anything in address and Tel, it accepts it. A pop up appears after you submit saying "Confirm email for username and password", this actually means it will send you an email with the username and password in it. (the email may appear in junk mail). When you get the email, click submit and use your username and password to vote - every hour.

Please help Leah True win as she will donate the prize money to next years Sparkle event if she wins. WayOut will keep a Leah True page going with updates on this story.



Miss International Queen 2006 Contest

This is the 3rd annual Miss International Queen pageant and is scheduled to be held in the beautiful city of Pattaya, Thailand on October23-28, 2006.

Striving to advance and support today's transvestites /transgender, Miss International Queen offers great opportunities for transvestites/transgender from all over the world to present their individual beauty and intelligence in a friendly atmosphere.

The pageant is limited to the first 50 qualified entries. Applications are accepted and considered from persons at least 18 years of age. Miss International Queen is produced and organized by Tiffany's Show Pattaya, the world's largest transvestite/transgender cabaret show and supported by Tourism Authority of Thailand.

Here are some pictures of previous winners of Miss International Queen Contests:-

1) Mimi Marks (USA) Miss International Queen 2005 & Best Evening Gown

2) Yu Ri (Korea) 1st International Queen & Best National Costume

3) Tiptantree Rujiranon (Thailand) 2nd International Queen

4) Mary Jane Castro (Philippines) Miss Photogenic

5) Olivia Lauren (Indonesia) Miss Congeniality

6) Tiffany Ross (USA) Most Talented


Objectives of the Contest

1. To offer an international competition for transvestites /transgender around the world

2. To provide an opportunity for transvestites/transgender to be more accepted in today's world

3. To create human rights awareness among international communities

4. To make a donation to the Royal Sponsored AIDS Foundation

5. To build friendship and exchange ideas among international lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender communities

6. To support the Tourism Authority of Thailand by increasing the number of tourists arrivals in Thailand and Pattaya city

7. To support and continue to build Pattaya city one of the most entertaining cities of the world

8. To build Tiffany's Show Pattaya as a bridge between the lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender community and the rest of the world


CNN America's News Station

CNN America's News Station made a video on the contest which you can see if you click on the banner below:



For more details on the Miss International Queen Contest go to their website:



Here is an Interview with Leah True from the Utterly Fabulous Magazine on Winning the Alternative Miss London Contest 2001

Q. What did it feel like to win Alternative Miss London Contest?
A. Exhilarating! Literally a dream come true and quite a surprise. But to tell youthe truth after the heats I was exhausted.

Q. Did you think you would win?
A. No! I thought I might make the top three ( I had been planning it for a year after all) and as I always say, "Piss poor planning equals piss poor prizes."

Q. Have you had many official engagements, such as kissing babies and opening supermarkets?
A. Yes, seven Quick Save's and a Poundstretcher! But I'm sadly allergic to nappies.

Q. Your prize was a holiday in Ibiza, did you enjoy yourself?
A. Absolutely, it did rain somewhat, but it's a fabulous place and we all had a blast in Ibiza Old Town.

Q. Apparatently you took another six friends with you, has Ibiza recovered yet?
A. Not completely. We definitely left our mark and everyone loved it, which is why we are returning later this year with 'Respect Holidays'.

Q. What tips would you give to other girls who are going to enter Alternative Miss London this year?
A. Pre-plan your routine and try to think of something original and eye-catching (and if all else fails, flirt with the judges!).

Q. Will you ever re-enter?
A. No! As I believe in giving others a chance plus I'm getting on a bit (I believe I am the oldest winner to date!).

Q. Was there any bitchyness back stage?
A. None at all. The girls were great and only too willing to help one another.

Q. As a beauty queen do you have a message to others?
A. World Peace of course! But also just to be the best that you can be, have fun and be safe.

Q. What would you say to girls out there who are new to the scene and maybe a little nervous?
A. Use professional services and believe me, you will gain the confidence and skills you need to face the world with your head held high. Just take a look at my Image Works pictures - they really boost a girls confidence.

Interview by Pandora De Pledge

Article from the 'Utterly Fabulous' Magazine - To see more articles from these magazines click here:



Here is an exerpt from an article with Leah True and her partner Sue About their Relationship

Sue is one amazing lady... Senior nurse, rock chick, club babe and partner to Leah True. Leah in her own right is one amazing Tranny. Designer, photographer, perfectionist and believe it or not all male (not a milligram of hormone or surgical body enhancements).

Sue and Leah are regulars at many of the clubs and events around the UK. They are one of those, all too few, couples that bring a shining light to any occassion because of their joy in everybody and everything around them and the very obvious joy they find in each other.

Leah won an Image Works photoshoot and was featured on the cover on the first Utterly Fabulous magazine. She has subsequently been featured on the cover and in a number of features in possibly the worlds leading TG lifestyle magazine 'Repartee'. In the same magazine Sue writes the 'Girl Talk' page corresponding with many 'Roses group' female partners dishing out very sound common sense...