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Between 1994 and 1999 Luis was a regular at the WayOut Club and never have we experienced such a creative force of nature. A little like Hurricane Katrina, Luis could be handful, destructive while being constructive, but both Steffan and Vicky Lee loved Luis for the volcano of creative talent bubbling up from inside.

Luis in 2007 launched and proves that the talent is a live and well and very computer literate. Scary hah.

Check out on this site "Six inch Killaz the Beginnings" to read how The WayOut Club was part of Luis's story and how Luis will always be part of WayOut's story.

If Andy Warhol had lived in London during this period Luis - would Luis have been his muse ? Or is Luis London's Andy Warhol - and is Luis his own muse ?.


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Pauline D at a Photoshoot
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