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I see this as a medievel dragon. A giant snake spitting fire



Margaret Dawn Pepper 2004 - 2007

I am seeking help in promoting and marketing my artwork either in the form of prints (whether limited editions or otherwise) for sale to the general public/collectors or in a broader commerical sense, as well as the following:

a) TV/Film work, perhaps in the fields of TV drama/ current affairs / documentaries / modern art programmes etc.
b) Advertising for products such as local / national tourist guides
c) Corporate art for offices
d) Greeting Cards
e) CD / DVD / Music covers
f) Pubs, Bars, Hotels
g) Calendars
h) Book Illustrations
i) Food Packaging

To this end I have produced these pictures illustrating some of the paintings that I have produced since November 2004. For more information you can contact me on:
Mobile: 07963 287 441.

Mobile Phone Head
Someone who talks too much!

A State of Despair (as set in a church)
Something we have all felt.

A modern version of an older idea. A giant hourglass contains the things we consider important, the mobile phone, the laptop, the credit card, etc. They are becoming part of the wasted Environment.
Tree of Life
Modern version of medieval idea. Different types of embryos grow from the same tree.
Oak Tree DNA
An oak tree inside an acorn. Its DNA is shown at the bottom
The Dustbin of Pointless Emotions
Emotions which are negative and consigned to a dustbin.


Where Am I ?
You drive from the past to the Future, whilst being drawn to the Forbidden Zone in the present.
Football Match
30,000 people all shouting at once !
Lovers Under Waterloo Bridge
Lovers gaze into the distance
You wake up under a tree and look upwards at the sun through the overhead leaves.
Random Harvest
People being harvested like wheat. Some strong, some weak, some tall, some short, etc
World on Fire
A commentary on global warming.