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TG Winners & Tranny / Drag Pageants & Events

1. Thotsaphon Yonganukul

2. Nadia Almada

3. Grayson Perry

4. Gun Rumgchao

5. Denizlilly

6. Hershae Chocolatae is crowned Miss PowerDiva

7. Drag Idol Champion

8. Pink Loerie Mardi Gras Winners 2005

9. Indonesia's Miss Waria 2005 Contest

10. Dana International won the Eurovision Song Contest 1998

11. Luscious - Miss Gay America 2007

12. Miss Oklahoma Continental - Kandy Cayne

13. Drag Ball Toronto, Canada

14. Miss Glamour Queen - Lucky Supremo

15. Miss Tennessee USofA

17. Miss International Queen 2006

Transgendered Winners

For many the first part of the Tranny Journey can be particularly testing and extremely difficult. Firstly having to accept the differences within yourself and then next having to let your beloved ones into your secret. But it seems in many cases that once you have finally accepted your transgenderism fully and managed to pluck up the courage to tell the ones that you want to know, it is then you have eventually reached the end of your struggle and your true, exciting journey begins….

For many it appears that once you have broken down all your own boundaries and the boundaries of the other peoples close to you -

You are suddenly FREE !

It can be an exciting time because unexpectedly not only your mind but also your

Life Becomes Open to ANY Possibilities. . .

Trannies often find themselves opening the floodgates to creative opportunities they never even knew they had. With accepting this new discovery of creativity and releasing some hidden talents brings a giant wave of CONFIDENCE.

For many years you have been so busy dealing with your own conflicts and differences within, that it has affected your confidence and made you slightly withdrawn from society. Often resulting in low self-esteem and lack of confidence. But now with you finally coming to terms with your life, telling your friends and going out in public 'dressed'. Suddenly you realise that there is absolutely no stopping you, you no longer have anything to hide. And then

The World Becomes Your Oyster….

At this stage, you feel like you can take on the World … And many of you do. Here are some examples of 'Transgender Winners' shown here to give you a giant boost of confidence and to show you that

You can be anything you want to be in life !





Drag Pageants, Events & Beauty Contests



1. Miss Transvestite, Thailand
The beautiful Thotsaphon Yonganukul aged 21 won the Miss Transvestite contest in Chonburi Province, east of Bangkok, Thailand, on Sunday, March 30, 2003. She will go on to represent Thailand at the Miss Queen Universe contest in November in Los Angeles.


2. Big Brother Reality Television Show, UK
Nadia Almada from Portugal was the Winner of the 'Big Brother' reality television programme in 2004. She was born on the Portuguese Island of Madeira, under the name of Jorge, but she was known as Carlos. She moved to England in 1996 and worked in a department store in Woking, where she lives. She has also managed a children's bookstore. Before entering the Big Brother house she worked as a cashier in a well-known bank.


3. Turner Prize, UK
Grayson Perry was the winner of the 2003 Turner Prize. Grayson was born in Chelmsford in 1960 and is best known for his ceramic works: classically shaped vases covered with figures, patterns and text. The revealing and often dark subject matter depicted on these pots is at first disguised by their colourful, decorative appearance. His chosen topics include autobiographical images of himself, his transvestite alter ego Claire, and his family. Over the last five years Perry has also used embroidery and photography to explore these themes, for example Coming Out Dress 2000, a richly embroidered dress for Claire which Perry wore during a performance which merged his private female persona with his artwork.


4. Miss Tiffany Pageant, Thailand
Gun Rumgchao, 25-year-old winner of Thailand's third annual Miss Tiffany pageant for Transvestites and Transsexuals, is crowned in the Thai coastal resort town of Pattaya late on Saturday March 31, 2001. For more details see their website at:


5. Femme Fever 'Beauty of the Month', USA
Each month Femme Fever holds a 'Beauty of the Month' contest on their website Surfers are invited to vote for their favourites. In December 2005 the beautiful Denizlilly from Turkey was voted the winner of 'Beauty of the Month', age 40ish!! For more details see their website at:


6. Miss PowerDiva Pageant, USA
Sunday, September 10th 2006 was the annual Mister and Miss PowerDiva pageant held at Rumors Nightclub in Grand Rapids!, Michigan, USA. Ten amazing contestants showed up to fight for the two crowns. In the Mister division, Michael Christian handed down the title to Daven, with Damian Ross as first alternate. In the Miss division, Hershae Chocolatae handed down the title to Lady Ivana with Evelyn Forest as first alternate and Niomi Onassis as second alternate. Denise Russell hosted the pageant with entertainment by Nickki Stevens and Nikki Chaunte! For more details see their website at:


7. Drag Idol, USA
Drag Idol is a Drag Contest. It is an open stage for anyone to perform, Drag Kings & Drag Queens. Lip-Synch or Sing Live. Drag Idol runs for 10 weeks with $1,000 Cash prizes. It is held at the Oasis Nightclub at 1386 East Foothill Blvd. Upland, California 91786 USA. Finals on 7th January 2007. For more details see their website at:


8. The Pink Loerie Carnival in Knysna, South Africa
The Pink Loerie Carnival is a Mardi Gras style event, complete with feather boa, false eyelashes, glitter lipstick, and an unadulterated sense of fun. The idea was to establish a gay carnival to celebrate the diversity of the gay culture in scenically magnificent environment. Next event 27th April - 1st May 2007. For more details see their website at


9. Beauty Pageant in Jakarta, Indonesia
A transvestite beauty pageant in Jakarta, Indonesia was the scene of an unusual clash on Sunday when it was interrupted by a hardline Islamic group. Members of the Islamic Defenders' Front (FPI) barged into a club where the Miss Waria 2005 contest was taking place. After a delay the contest continued, and was won by PR worker Olivia. He won $250 and a return air ticket to Thailand, where he will compete in an international transvestite contest next year. Contest organiser Megi Megawati said contestants were traumatised by the raid, after about 10 FPI members dressed in white tunics and prayer caps entered the nightclub towards the end of the contest. Transvestites make regular appearances on Indonesian TV, and the country is generally tolerant of the so-called "waria" - a combination of the Indonesian words for male and female.


10. The Eurovision Song Contest
In 1998 - Dana International - Diva won The 1998 Eurovision Song Contest. Dana is from Israel.


11. Miss Gay America
Miss Gay America was won by Luscious - Miss Gay America (MGA) pageantry is a female impersonation pageantry now in its 36th year. Norma Kristie was crowned the first Miss Gay America in 1972. For more information see their website at:


12. Miss Oklahoma Continental The winner of Miss Oklahoma Continental was Kandy Cayne - The next pageant is on Friday May 25th 2007. For more details see their website at:


13. Drag Ball, Toronto, Canada
Mr & Miss International and Miss Canada World and Miss Canada World Plus and the Drag Ball, Toronto was created to offer a difference in the entertainment world as well as continue the legacy that is long standing in the art of male and female impersonation and illusion. Next Drag Ball is July 2007. For more details see their website at:


14. Miss Glamour Queen USA October 2006-2007
The winner was Lucky Supremo. For more details see their website at:


15. Miss Tennesse USofA Pageantry
For more details see their website at:


16. The Jacaranda Queen Contest, Zimbabwe
This contest became the premier event on the gay social calender. Drag pageants were fairly common in the late '70s. They were then revived in the '90s and the first Jacaranda Queen contest was held in October 1993. (Please check to see if this contest is still running). For more details see their website at:


17. Miss International Queen 2006, Thailand
This contest is held in Thailand and was won by Erica Andrews of Mexico in October 2006. For more details see their website at:


18. The 4th Annual Miss Rainbow Club West Pageant, USA
This event is held in Knoxville, Tennessee, USA. Sapphire Myland was a previous winner of the contest on 14th January 2006. For more details of this contest see their website at:


19. Miss TS International 2006, UK
Held on Friday 26th November 2006 at Heaven Nightclub, London WC2. This is an alternative beauty pageant. For more details see their website at:


20. Miss Continental Plus Pageant, USA
The last contest was held on the 3rd-4th September 2006 at the Baton Show Lounge in Chicago. For more details see their website at:


21. Miss TEC 2007, Indiana, USA
Contest at Trumans Entertainment Complex in Mishawaka, Indiana, USA on Friday 26th October 2007. They also hold other Pageants there. For more details see their website at:


22. Miss Oklahoma USofA
The 20th Anniversary of the contest for more details see their website at:


23. The WayOut Club's - Alternative Miss London Contest, UK
We couldn't go without mentioning our own fabulous contest The Alternative Miss London Contest. Held on Saturday 14th October 2006. Where we have contestants flying in from all over the world to take part. It is the most stunning night of the year as the catwalk offers over £2000 worth of prizes to contestants in sophisticated and sexy outfits. For more details see our website at:



More Drag Pageants & Events

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