Sue Panover - Drag Performer

"When I told my inmates that I wanted to go into space, I didn't mean cyber-space! I wanted to boldly go where no man has ever been before - mmm..


The Act

I like to think of my act as 'New Drag' and even take that is an extrememly loose description! I'm neither a 'mime' act or a 'live' act - I use both As well as 'Sue', I impersonate characters including Ann Robinson, The Blair Witch Project, Cher, Macy Gray, to name but a few!

I currently perform 3 different types of act:
Mime and Live Show - Includes the characters mentioned above

Pure Mime Show - Traditional Visual Cabaret

Theatrical Show - Currently the 'Frocky Horror Show' and 'Little Pub of Horrors'

I also host my own Games / Quizes including 'Who wants to be a Mini-Millionaire', 'Sue Panover's Weakest Link', 'Play Your Cards Right' and 'Through the Glory Hole'

I am also available with DJ and / or Karaoke Equipment.

Email: mothership@sue-panover.com