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From the Beaumont Society Roses South & Translife Magazine. Married for 40 years. I am a 100% heterosexual cross-dresser. I would have preferred to have been born female. I have several different images. My perceptions of beauty and femininity were formed in the 1950’s and 60’s. Marilyn Monroe first made me want to dress like a woman. I am also a member of some costume societies, especially corsetry.

What is your name and what is your background?

Danielle Daniels, Beaumont Society Roses South, Fashion Ed., Translife Mag. Member of various TV Societies. Married 40 years. One daughter and son in law and a family cat. Eldest son of a Motor Industry legend.

Is your name an alter ego? femme name, why did you choose that name?

Yes, it is an alter ego name. In the 60's I chose Emma, as that is what my mum said I should have been called (she was expecting a girl). Later I was Amy, but reverted to Danielle Juliet as I reacted normally to that - as it's similar to my own name; and because I can use my credit cards with the same initials without the "Mr". The Juliet part was in memory of my most famous (of 5) girly parts in all-boy grammar school dramas.

How old are you and how young were you when you first thought about or actually cross-dressed?

I am now an OAP! My first memories are the teenage 5 girl parts mentioned above. Juliet (Romeo & Juliet) was the hardest, but Titania (Mid Summers Night's Dream) was the part, the clothes, the make over I loved best. I had no opportunities to follow up at home. In my mid 20's (c1960) I crossed dressed for about 4 years. I stopped on marriage, but picked up again about 2 decades ago.

Where do you buy your clothes?

I am a size 22 (or 20 to 24 depending on supplier). This restricts choice. The arrival of E-Bay has been a massive (and addictive boon on choices and prices). Otherwise it's some bigger Etam and Dolly Perkins stores, New Look, Evans, and some Mail Order - Kaleidoscope and 50-Plus. Shoes - Ultimate, Magnus and Hayway. TV specialist purchases from Sarah Heart, Westward Bound, Ladybwear and Honour. Corsets from Voller, Honour and Axfords. Plus a few M to M specialists. Wedding dresses from Paradise Brides, Portsmouth. Hats - Harrods and M&S. (shops listed in TG AtoZ directory) .

What leads you to choose the styles you wear?

I am a child of the 1950's and 60's. My ideals of feminine style emanate largely from the clothes of this period.

Do you have one look, or many images?

So I am born 'fluffy', loving satin, lace, silk and flowing wide skirted garments. Especially wedding and evening dresses. I do have a lot of everyday clothes, and a dozen PVC/rubber items to ring the changes where suitable. I am also transgenerational. I have a junior pre-teen alter ego (Daisy) who is a nominal 10 year old who loves to dress in the satin flowing party clothes from the 1950's. I originated the Bow Belle Sorority for such cross-dressers until it's demise a couple of years ago (the Internet now largely provides the info.) So yes, I have several image .

Is make-up and hair important to you and if so how do you achieve your look?

The wig is vital (no postiche and you are a bloke in a dress). And cosmetics are key to make one look feminine.

To what degree do you practice hair removal, and other body feminisation?

I am usually hairless except in the (trimmed) pubic area. One does not look good in a swimming cossie on the beach or in a strapless dress with copious dark hair showing. Other than that I do not practice body feminisation.

Who knows you dress?

The wife, daughter, son in law, some non TV friends, my tennis club (I have cross-dressed for charity matches) and (according to my wife) a large portion of the village where I live! Plus most of the TV world! I am happy to discuss it with anyone, if asked, but I don't initially tell people who don't need to know. 

How often do you dress and if you go out where to?

Two or three times a week, sometimes just at home. I attend local TV meets 2 or 3 times a month, which includes pub evenings in public; and several TV weeks and weekends every year. Sporadically I go shopping dressed, seasonally to local beaches, and I also visit en femme such as N. Trust properties. Then there's meetings organised by the Beaumont Society. But I seldom visit London now since Ron Storme died (also fear of all those speed cameras!). 

So what is a man and what is a woman?

I define this in the usual medical way. But none of us are all male or all female - we are some hormonal balance between the two.

What's your definition of feminine?

My perceptions of beauty and femininity were formed in the 1950's and 60's. A feminine look to me is inspired by beautifully styled and cut clothes worn with grace and panache (I wish I could achieve that!) Prime example - the Dior New Look.

Where do you feel you fit on the transgender spectrum CD TV TS?

I am a 100% heterosexual cross-dresser. Although we all ponder on the alternatives! I would have preferred to have been born female but so many women squander their womanhood these days. We TVs uphold it.

Are you happy to be called a Tranny?

Yes, no problem with TV / trannie / CD / cross-dresser. I would be deeply offended to be called a drag queen. Sorry, but to me that carries vulgar and unsympathetic overtones, and is usually applied to gay comedians.

To what degree do you feel gender dysphoric?

My brain is decidedly male. But it wishes it was female sometimes!.

To what degree would you consider permanent hair removal, hormones, and surgery?

I should be happy to avoid my essential regular hair removal rituals. I would be even more happy to be 100% hairless except on the head. But I would never take hormones or consider transitional surgery (I have been to too many Gendys conferences and seen the reality - NO thanks!).

What individual has inspired you most in relation to your TG inclinations?
Marilyn Monroe first made me want to dress like a woman. Later, Audrey Hepburn even more so. A decade ago or so, Ron Storme and the host of fabulous gender benders I have seen and met at hundreds of CD events. I must have been the most boring cross dresser at the last Porchester Balls! So embarrassing along side so many fantastic dressers! I am also a member of some costume societies and take an interest in historic clothing, especially corsetry.

Do you feel that you have any choice in your TG thoughts and actions?

Of course I have a choice, exercised as necessary to time and circumstances. But being a TV is a bit like being a druggie - the more you do it the more you want to. Perhaps adrenaline is our drug of choice?

Have you ever suffered harassment or abuse?

Only very rarely - and I am a size 22, 6-footer! Perhaps that's why? Once in Brixham during a Torquay TV week we got some cat-calling by some teenage yobs, which hurt my TV companion that day emotionally. I find that TVs are generally accepted so long as we don't offend or outrage these days. 

Have you tried to stop?

Twice - as a teenager when my girly parts stopped (broken voice) with no domestic opportunity to follow up. And again on marriage for almost twenty years (again the opportunities were not there). But never voluntarily!

Are your sexual preferences changed by your TG experiences (even temporarily)?

Absolutely not. I remain sexually interested only in real women. 

Have you suffered illness, depression, relationship break ups because of being TG?

Quite the reverse. I find dressing a stress busting experience (except when the make up does not go on well!)

If you could relive your life without the TG experience would you?

No thanks, I love being a TV and would not ever want to miss the wonder of womanhood alongside my male world. Best of both!.

Do you feel that releasing your gender gift Has released creativity, that may otherwise have remained repressed?

I have developed considerable writing and photographic skills composing factual and fictional articles with reference to our genre. And developing my TV skills over the years is a considerable art form in its own right. Especially as I get older!.

What outstanding TG experiences stand out in your mind?

I do a comedy act as Daisy Danski, the redundant ballerina. Typical joke - "They wanted me to fly across the stage as a Christmas Fairy - but changed their minds when the found they needed a JCB crane to lift me!" My most outstanding memories are being part of the TV Bridal weekends I have organised since 1998 in the south. The next is in September. But there are many more .

What one piece of advice would you give to someone that has just found they are not the only tranny in the world?

Go for the best you can and be proud to be a TV in your chosen style. Life is not a rehearsal (true cliché). Don't go seeking problems - the will probably find you without you looking! Never tell anyone who does not need to know. 

Contact details - D.Daniels, PO Box 11, Swanmore, Hants SO32 2ZU.
E-Mail - Ddan282739@aol.com.
Web site - www.TVOptions.co.uk.

Picture by Cheryl. Danielle Danski, the redundant ballerina & Danielle in Regency costume at the Wigston (Leicester) Weaving Museum