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As well as being a gigging musician, I'm presently working through my diploma studies to become a certified sex therapist. My intent being, to take out a consultation room in Harley Street a few days a week and perhaps do some radio and television? God knows I could run rings around most sex therapist already; it would seem to be my next natural progression?

This in part, is fuelled by a genuine enthusiasm, passion and fondness for people and more so, by the fact that some 14 years ago I simply got bored of being a male and decided to take a walk on the wild-side, just to see if it had anything more interesting to offer, obviously for me it did! I now live 24/7 as a Pre-op Transsexual; through my curiosity I bought the T-shirt and eventually became the T-shirt Company; heck, that's serendipity for you.

One of my favourite hobbies is people watching, whilst dinning or hanging out amongst the bars and clubs I frequent, enjoying the social intercourse, banter and debate of others. Personally, I don't much care for drugs, each to their own; my own particular vices are champagne, the occasional Cuban cigar, owning 8 guitars and driving a car that only does 15 miles to the gallon...ouch!

Oh, and my favourite perfume; Chanel No 5.

Over the years I've lived in Europe, SE Asia and then NYC for 7 years on and off; London is now home, so yes, you could say I'm a well travelled and a fully rounded individual.

Back in the 90's I managed a private club here in Soho and from that established and built up an extensive network of the various members clubs, maitre d's and bars of London. Still today, I organize and arrange the entertainment and hospitality needs of friends from both home and abroad; possessing a knowledge of the obvious and the not so decadent 'inside track' of London, my oyster, my playground.

I consider myself to be a contentious hedonist, believing decadence is a good thing, something that should be encouraged, well I live it everyday! It inspires the young heart within us all, contributing to the spring in one's step and that glint in our eye, that perhaps over the years may've become a little dull, tired and weary?


Be kind to yourself.


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