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In my mind I am a transvestite. I am 39 years old and have been dressing from age 9 or 10. My name is a bit of a mix of partners names and my names, translated into Italian for effect! I have had liposuction in order to improve certain of my attributes. Hair removal I only do partially, and hormones I would never consider. 

What is your name and what is your background?

Maria DeBianci.

Is your name an alter ego? femme name, why did you choose that name?

Yes - it is an alter ego. The name is a bit of a mix of partners names and my names, translated into Italian for effect!

How old are you and how young were you when you first thought about or actually cross-dressed?

Aged 39 now - first memories of dressing from age 9 or 10. But probably started a bit earlier.

Where do you buy your clothes?

Typically I buy made to measure at Kentucky Woman. Shoes/boots at various online places, including Hay-Way and The Little Shoe Box. Corsets underpin the whole thing, usually from Vollers.

What leads you to choose the styles you wear?

These days I tend not to choose a style on the back of a 'dream look' (a-la fashion/style magazine) since on my frame only certain styles are both suitable ADN practical. Sandi helps, however, at Kentucky Woman, ensuring things work well.

Do you have one look, or many images?

I have one preferred look - always blonde. My leather mini and boots are my classic favourite - but I adore the ball gown/evening look too - albeit it is rather less practical!

Is make-up and hair important to you and if so how do you achieve your look?

It is. I have had lessons at Mac and try to do my best to follow what they suggest - but as I am not frequently dressing I probably don't do their team justice..

To what degree do you practice hair removal, and other body feminisation?

I tend to remove obvious neck/should/back hair only very high up, and dye the hair on my hands etc, so that it isn't very noticeable.

Who knows you dress?

My parents, siblings, wife and a few friends.

How often do you dress and if you go out where to?

Monthly at best - Ron Stormes or The WayOut Club. Have occasionally had dinner at The Philbeach Hotel or in Brighton. (see listings in TG AtoZ directory).

So what is a man and what is a woman?

Man or woman is predominately a biological thing. But we all have a biology that has two parts, internal and external. In some people, the internals and the externals are not terribly well aligned so that someone who appears physically male may be female and vice versa. In truth to answer the question would be too lengthy here, at the end of the day, though, you have to say appearances can be deceptive and it isn't always as obvious as it may at first appear .

What’s your definition of feminine?

Feminine is behaving in a way typically ascribed to women, or feeling things in a way typically ascribed to women. Thus feminine requires a pre-construct about what makes a woman a woman, ie a stereotype.

Where do you feel you fit on the transgender spectrum CD TV TS?

In my mind I am a transvestite. transvestite [Show phonetics] noun [C] - a person, especially a man, who wears the clothes of the opposite sex, often for sexual pleasure There is a definition of transvestite, though, that refers to being transvestite as including dressing for sexual gratification, and that isn't me.

Are you happy to be called a Tranny?

Tranny is fine. I call myself a tranny all the time. Drag queen - doesn't offend me - but it wouldn't be the correct term.

To what degree do you feel gender dysphoric?

I do not feel gender dysphoric. Some feel that that term is wrong in that it conveys a sense of illness, or at least of 'not-rightness'. The reality is that there is a vast continuum of 100% blokey male to 100% femme woman, and that the majority of people are somewhere between the two. Accordingly I simply believe I am me. I include being drawn to certain feminine things and ways, that I have come to be happy and comfortable with. This is a joy, whereas many never attain that acceptance/happiness.

To what degree would you consider permanent hair removal, hormones, and surgery?

I have had liposuction in order to improve certain of my attributes. Hair removal I only do partially, and hormones I would never consider.

What individual has inspired you most in relation to your TG inclinations?
Hmmm... as an inspiration... a number really. Some are public figures who helped by being public, others more personal through whom I found myself. In no particular order these are Suzi James; Gina Snowdoll; Eddie Izzard; Boy George; George Michael.

Do you feel that you have any choice in your TG thoughts and actions?

I am what I am, and there isn't much choose in that! But I do have choice in how I express myself and what I do with my being and personality. At the end of the day I am a transvestite, but that doesn't mean I always have to wear dresses!

Have you ever suffered harassment or abuse?

Yes - just a little cross-road abuse when out in Manchester. I rushed back to the hotel and had a stiff drink.. 

Have you tried to stop?

Yes - when I was a child and young adult. I threw out many, many items and later regretted it. Ultimately, though, I believe that firstly being transvestite is a state of mind and the difficult part is accepting that gladly. Whether and how to express that personality is a second order and it may be the case that one never dresses due to life issues/other priorities.

Are your sexual preferences changed by your TG experiences (even temporarily)?

No. I have had certain fantasies, but when confronted by possibility I always stay with my heterosexual male orientation.  

Have you suffered illness, depression, relationship break ups because of being TG?

Yes. I have lost relationships - though more for being secretive and lying rather than actually being transgendered. Illness and depression - yes. I was very depressed at one point a few years back, after 3 or 4 years being on the scene. But my best friends pulled me through and I haven't looked back since.

If you could relive your life without the TG experience would you?

No. I believe the fact that I have gladly accepted that part of my life makes me a better and stronger person, more open and honest, especially with myself. The TG experiences I have had have also left me with many good memories and some great friends. Sure, not being TG would have been easier, but easy isn't often best.

Do you feel that releasing your gender gift Has released creativity, that may otherwise have remained repressed?

Not really. I am not a creative person, I remain stoutly (male-) logical and pragmatic, sometimes to the chagrin of my wife!.

Have you ever performed and if so how did you get into performing and what have you done?

No - I have never performed.

What outstanding TG experiences stand out in your mind?

Ultimately my best friend is the outstanding 'event'. Other than that I have some wonderful memories of meeting friends socially. The Beaumont Conference weekend was a high point. Actually designing and fitting outfits is also fabulous fun!.

What one piece of advice would you give to someone that has just found they are not the only tranny in the world?

Quickly pass that news on to another. There are more lonely sisters than there should be and those who know and accept their position have a duty to pass on the lessons. 

Photo's by - Tasleen Carstairs, In-Time Studio.

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