Rachel Cox's Profile

My name is Rachel Cox. I am a bisexual tranny, living in the West Country, Bristol. I am 37 years old. I come from a working class background. I have been employed in the engineering industry since school. I can remember my childhood playing with the two girls who lived next door trying on their dresses, etc. But I have only been cross dressing at a serious level since I turned 30. I only dress once or twice a year.

What is your name and what is your background?

My name is Rachel Cox. I live in the West Country, Bristol. I come from a working class background. I have been employed in the engineering industry since school. I am currently single.

Is your name an alter ego "femme" name - why did you choose that name?

I saw a picture of a beautiful model in a Transgendered magazine called Rachel, such a lovely name. It fixed in my mind straight away. It's also easier to correspond with, as its the same initial as my drab male name.

Are you happy to be called a tranny and what does this name mean to you?

I love the term Tranny, I associate the name as a short hand version for transvestite. Although I think Tranny sounds much nicer.

How old are you and how young were you when you first thought about or actually cross-dressed?

I am 37 years old. I can remember as far back as childhood playing with the two girls who lived next door trying on their dresses etc. I have only been cross dressing at a serious level since I turned 30. Please remember girls you are never to old, when Rachel becomes alive I feel and think the looks become 10 years younger.

Where do you buy your clothes?

Occasionally I like to buy clothes in a little boutique in Bristol. They stock many lines including, fun fashion, club wear, gothic & sexy wear. I have a love for girly shoes and own quite a collection. I like going into modern fashion shoe shops and have no problem trying on shoes. I also love to wear and model lovely lingerie.

What leads you to choose the styles you wear?

I am mainly inspired with pictures in books, catalogues & magazines for the looks & styles I like to wear.

Is make-up and hair important to you and if so how do you achieve your look?

Make-up & hair is extremely important to me. In order for Rachel to achieve her looks, I love to visit a top class professional dressing service when time & cost permits.

To what degree do you practice hair removal, and other body feminisation?

I absolutely loathe body hair, I like to shave my legs, bottom & genitals on a regular basis. I also visit a lady beautician to have my upper body waxed. My ears have been pierced for many years & I like to wear girly earrings. Manicures & pedicures are extremely important to me. I visit a nail technician & love to have creative nail extensions, painted bright colours, the longer the better. Nail extensions help me to feel more feminine, no girl should be without them.

Who knows you dress?

A close male friend of mine knows about my femme side. He was my former boyfriend & he encouraged me to cross dress when we were involved in a relationship. Other girls also know of me, who I have met subscribing to a membership club for transgendered people .

How often do you dress and if you go out where to?

Because I am happy in general, I only feel the need to cross dress once or twice a year, this enables me to treat myself to a professional photo shoot. I seldom dress when I am alone. When my friend visits me for a evening only once every few months these days, I like to be en-femme for him. Rachel likes to mix & socialise with others & visit some of the transgendered venues in London, normally about once or twice a year.

Is cross dressing in itself a sexual turn on for you?

I do get sexually turned on trannying, even just wearing a pair of sexy heels spices up things for me in the bedroom.

Are your sexual preferences changed by your TG experiences?

I am a bisexual tranny & love to take up the ladies role when with a guy. My sexual preference is greatly changed when I become Rachel & find that I am attracted to men a lot more.

What is your definition of feminine?

My definition of femininity is to become very sexual, to beautify one's self, to look sexy, smart & sophisticated & be soft sweetly spoken. A feminine body in my opinion should be immaculately turned out dressed in beautiful clothes & stiletto heels.

What individual has inspired you most in relation to your TG inclinations?

A former boyfriend of mine was the person who has inspired me most with my transgendered inclinations, we still remain close friends.

To what degree do you feel gender dysphoric (i.e. that your brain is feminine)?

I only try to think & act feminine when cross-dressed. I find that most of the time I can completely turn off from being Rachel. It is then something to look forward to on another occasion. When Rachel comes out to play I feel & act much more feminine.

Do you feel you have any choice in your TG thoughts and actions?

As an individual I do think I have a choice in my transgendered thoughts. I am quite happy going through life in my male role most of the time.

To what degree would you consider permanent hair removal, hormones, surgery?

I have not considered hormone treatment or gender reassignment surgery. However I have thought about permanent hair removal, I find it such a repetitive task shaving especially the genital areas, I may go for a consultation.

Have you ever suffered harassment or abuse?

My cross-dressing has never caused me illness, depression or relationship problems, I only look forward to becoming Rachel each time.

Have you tried to stop?

I would never stop cross-dressing as I enjoy it immensely. I adore the transgendered scene and all who are involved.

If you could relive your life without the TG experience would you choose to?

I would not want to relive my life without the transgendered experience.

What outstanding TG experiences stand out in your mind?

Dressing up for my boyfriend is one of the best experiences that stands out in my mind, the first time we ever went out as a couple was a joyful occasion. My first ever visit to a dressing service was an exciting experience. Being able to meet other like minded transgendered people is a great experience that sticks in my mind.

What one piece of advice would you give to someone that has just found they are not the only tranny in the world?

The best advice I can give to other girls out there is that trannying should be looked upon in a positive way & not a shameful thing. Trannying is there to be enjoyed, creating wonderful happy occasions. You only pass this way once, go for it darlings get out there and meet others, and have a good time before its all to late.