Sasha from Malaysia's Profile

Sasha is 26 years old and born in Penang Island in Malaysia but works on stage as a performer in Kuala Lumpur.

What is your name and what is your background?

Ok my name is Sasha.26years old, and I was born in Penang island,Malaysia. I work as stage performer in Kuala Lumpur, as a dancer and part time model. Yes, I am single.

Are you happy to be called a tranny and what does this name mean to you?

Yes.I am happy to be tranny!!! I don't care about others people thinking. As long I know who am I and I do the right things to survive!!!

How old are you and how young were you when you first thought about or actually cross-dressed?

I dress up when I was 14years old. I can't remember since then that I use the gents toilet.









Where do you buy your clothes?

I like fashion, coz I do modeling. Mostly I like simple and glamour styles. I like to buy my clothes at MNG(mango) .

What leads you to choose the styles you wear?

I like up to date.styles and my choice depends on what function I go to.

Do you have one look, or many images?

My dear, I only have one look.








Is make-up and hair important to you and if so how do you achieve your look?

Make-up? Yes very important to everyone - not only trannies even for man and women too.

To what degree do you practice hair removal, and other body feminisation?

I can say hair removal is very important for trannies as you know no body perfect!!! As a tranny.we want to look good!!!.

Who knows you dress?

Every one in my family knows that I like to dress up like a gal since my childhood. All I can say I am a very happy and very lucky person on this earth. 

How often do you dress and if you go out where to?

Actually, hormones do help for trannies and its goes with hair removal too.  









How much of a sexual turn on is trannying for you?

Polite no comment..

What's your definition of feminine?

To what degree would you consider permanent hair removal, hormones, surgery?

Sugery? For me, I am happy the way I am. For me it is too personal to talk about surgery. Coz we have to think what we want in life!!!.










What one piece of advice would you give to someone that has just found they are not the only tranny in the world?

My advice to all trannies in this world. Be kind and be honest to each other, coz without honesty we won't go far. Make lots of friends and make no enemy!!!.