Australia with Christie McNicol

Christie McNicol

From The Priscilla Show "Groovy Baby”

Groovy Ru Paul in Sydney with Ricca Paris & Christie McNicol

The Priscilla Show at the 22nd annual Mo-Awards. We were nominated for best variety production. Mo-Awards is a very public mainstream event Even though we didn’t win the award it was a huge compliment to be nominated

King of Comedy Robyn Williams at opening night for The Birdcage

Carlotta has her own television show and her own book 'HE DID IT HER WAY", it is very popular here in OZ. It may be available online via the ‘bookshops’ website Carlotta helped pioneer the drag scene here in the 60’s & was the first TS spokesperson the go public here. She was Australia’s 1st sexchange that hit the front pages 'BALMAIN BOY BECOMES BEAUTY"

Carmen - New Zealands very own Carmen, resides in Sydney. She wrote a book in the 80’.s She even ran for mayor of Auckland in the 70’s. She helped pioneer the TS/TV scene back in the late 50’s. What a legend.

Millie Minogue from Melbourne

Actress Julia Cortiz - la ping pong lady from Priscilla & Christie McNicol

Hello everyone

I hope this information helps anyone travelling to Australia. Most Aussies are tranny friendly in general, the community is accepting even in redneck areas. All these venues and contacts listed I have dealt with personally and everybody is usually very helpful. Please note that whilst visiting Australia all major cities have free weekly newspapers and informative magazines regarding accommodation, support groups, medical, beauty needs, shoes, wigs and phone numbers regarding general transgendered information. Most T-girls get into nightclubs for free - fantastic.

The large and varied multicultural community ensures many cuisines to choose from Japanese, Thai, Italian, Greek, Turkish, Indian, to name a few. Most aussy restaurants are now non-smokin and fully licensed, some are BYO (Bring Your Own).

If you are considering a trip Down-under February is a great time of the year as the Mardi Gras festival is on for the whole month, with the huge famous party ending the month, also it’s summertime and it’s a great time to be here.

If you are dialling any of these phone numbers that I have listed, from abroad, Australia’s country code is ‘61’, drop the ‘0’ and you’ll be connected. If you need directories while here phone ‘12455’. Most international visitors arrive in Sydney, if you plan on further travelling within Australia then give my friend from Travel Style - Gary Foux a call on 02 8338 9211 or visit his web site. He’s great to do business with and finds you great bargains.

Some other useful websites are:

and my website is ....

Of course there are more nightclubs, cafes, shopping and sightseeing that I may not have listed here. We all have different tastes as I mentioned there’s always brochures and websites etc to check out. This literature can be found in most venues and cafes.

Happy Travels

Christie McNicoL X X






IMPERIAL HOTEL 35 Erskinville Road Tel. 02 9519 9899 This is where the filming of ‘Priscilla’ the movie took place. Drag shows most nights

MIDNIGHT SHIFT 85 Oxford Street Tel. 02 9360 4319 Friday nights ‘Divastated’ (the best drag show I’ve seen in years)

STONEWALL HOTEL 175 Oxford Street Tel. 02 9360 1963 Drag shows most nights. Karaoke with Candy Box and your resident hostess Ricca Paris

THE VENUS ROOM 2 Roslyn Street, Kings Cross Tel. 02 8354 0888 Drag shows most nights with your hostess Polly.

ARC 12 Flinders Street Tel. 02 9380 8700 The ‘Studio 54’ of Sydney. Mixed crowd T-girl friendly.

THE TAXI CLUB 40 Flinders Street Tel. 02 9331 4256 You’ll find many T-girls and admirers here.

NEWTOWN HOTEL 174 King Street, Newtown Tel. 02 9557 1329 Shows most nights say hi to Robyn Lee who trained actor Terence Stamp for his role as a tranny in ‘Priscilla Queen of the Desert’.

DAHTO SHOES 3/80 O'Riordan Street Tel. 02 9667 4070 Shoes made to order by appointment only

OPERA HOUSE & HARBOUR BRIDGE If you want to visit the famous Harbour Bridge or Opera House you could visit for further info.



MP’S 26 Orchid Ave, Surfers Paradise or visit their website Duckie is your hostess and she’ll gladly offer any further info.

Other sites containing clubbing interest are:

The Gold Coast is a popular holiday destination for most Australians which attracts a lot of families. If you don’t want to lay on the beach all day there’s some great theme parks here Dreamworld, Movieworld or Seaworld. If you want more tourist information go to for this sort of entertainment



THE WICHKAM HOTEL 308 Wickham Street Penny Dee is your hostess

FORTITUDE VALLEY is the clubbing area for us girls. For all other information on Brisbane’s TS/TV scene check local magazines or go to for links to this area.



THE CUBE NIGHTCLUB Tel. 02 6257 1110 In the city centre all taxi drivers know it. Canberra is the Nations capital. There are some interesting war museums and of course Parliament House. It is not too far away from the snowfields. I have worked at The Cube and had some great nights there.



THE MARS BAR 120 Gouger Street Tel. 08 8231 9639

Although I don’t have contact details for these venues they are in the same area as The Mars Bar and are TS/TV friendly. I have only visited this laid back friendly city once and this would have to be one of Australia’s best kept secrets. The local girls are glamorous and love to party and the clubbing scene here really goes off. If you meet Maggie Scott / Taylor / Gloria Williams or the fabulous Vonnie your in luck as they are wonderful hostesses.

For more info try Adelaide is best known for its vineyards for those who like a little wine testing.



THE MISSISSIPPI QUEEN 6 Gardener Street Tel. 08 8981 3358 This is an old train carriage converted into a bar that sits in a lovely shady park in hot Darwin. Not a big scene for T-girls here, but this is the place to meet the locals, a lot of the Australian indigenous community live in this City. I have performed at the Entertainment here with our Show. Part of the promotional material involved doing a fashion parade with the show cast at lunchtime in the city centre arcade. The locals loved us, I’m sure it went down in the history books



THE PEEL 113 Wellington Street Tel. 03 9419 4762. Mostly gay but attracts a lot of TS/TV’s and admirers.

DIVA BAR 153 Commercial Rd Tel. 03 9824 2800 Drag shows most nights, Milly Minogue is your hostess - the famous Kylie impersonator, a must see.

MARKET HOTEL 143 Commercial Rd Tel. 03 9826 0933 Great drags shows Katherine Cole is a delightful lady who runs this venue.

FREAKAZOID 519 St Kilda Rd Tel. 03 9510 1281. Attracts top name DJ’s. Mixed crowd highly recommended.

THE DOME - JANES BAR 19 Commercial Rd Tel 03 9529 8966 Drag shows hosted by Jane attracts TS/TV’s and admirers.

Melbourne is Australia’s fashion Capital. Amazing shopping outlets offering Designer labels at low prices. If you want to go jewellry, wigs, shoes shopping do it in Melbourne with its fun market places sprawl across the city on weekends. Melbourne has a very European feel with its large Greek community living here. Also known for theatre goers and beautiful buildings. A very friendly T-girl city



LA CAGE 2b Gladstone Street, Hobart. Drag shows weekends. Not a very large TS/TV community in this state. We went to perform at the casino and did a little sightseeing. The countryside is like travelling through Scotland. It’s best to keep yourself low key while visiting Tasmania.



CONNECTIONS 8a James Street, North Bridge Tel. 08 9328 3254 A mixed nightclub scene TS/TV friendly.

THE COURT HOTEL 50 Beauford Street Tel. 08 9328 5292. Drag shows on weekends.

For all other info on Perth’s T-girl scene visit This is a very laid beautiful back city where I found quite a few English people living here.!

Malika is a dynamic solo performer who travels throughout

Penny Clifford one of the committee members who runs the annual prestigious Diva Awards