Belgium by Pamela A

Pamela A

Tops Restaurant Drag Queen

Pamela at pool from club New Riddershof

The girls from Sillicon Valley Miss Mitsy, Miss Bang Bang La Desh , Miss Evy

Pamela and Miss Evy in Antwerp

Pamela at Folies Pigalle (Escualita on Sundays)

Miss Mitsy in Tops Restaurant Antwerp

Miss Mercedes in Tops Restaurant

Hi World, here we go with my contribution for the 11th edition of the world famous Tranny Guide!

As you know Belgium is a little country between France and Holland and with the Eurostar just 2 hours away from London! So you have no excuse not to visit it one day.

We have everything to make your holiday just great here, good shopping possibilities, nice restaurants, some good hotels and almost everyone speaks English, French or Dutch so that it is easy when going out in one of the many cafťís, bars or clubs!

Personally I love to travel that is why I made an extra special report from some of the Gay Parades here in Europe (see in reports). I hope the word gay does not scare you too much, I know most of the T-girls donít want to be compared with being a gay person, and that is true as many of the T-girls are straight people, but I must say most of my friends are for both sides and there is nothing wrong about that is there!

What I want to say is go and visit a parade if you can Iím sure you will love it! Enjoy the report. You are always free to contact me any time for more info at or go to the biggest Belgian info page for t-girls

Bye bye now, love to you all
Pamela A. xxx



Belgium is a great place to shop, most of the big cityís like Brussels, Antwerp, Luik or Ostend have car free shopping streets and that makes it so much more comfortable. Of course if you are here for the first time and you donít know where to look first or where to go, no problem here are some good tips. For casual clothes best places are H&M, Inno and Jennyfer.

If you want more specific shops like leather, latex, rubber, dancewear, big size shoes go to these places all around Belgium.

Walhalla Specialist in leather, rubber and latex clothes. Also itís a good place for magazines and a big range of she-male movies are here in stock. Address St Paulusplaats 21 in Antwerp

Ex-Vagantie Special dancewear shop with good quality clothing. Also sells lingerie and has a range of nice high heel shoes in stock. Address Lange Nieuwstraat in Antwerp

Erotische verbeelding is a huge shop, Iím sure you will find something here that you will like, just outside of Antwerp! Address Ijzerenwaag 10-12 in Antwerp (road A12)

Roxy is a shop for SM lovers. Leather, latex and rubber are the key words here, the shop is all new and much bigger than before, itís also in Antwerpís most hip street with special shops, donít miss it if you are in the area! Address Kammenstraat 68 in Antwerp.

Bliss Boutique has all kinds of rubber, leather and latex also in big sizes! Address Antwerpse steenweg 52 in Oostmalle

Urbain fashion Dancewear for a very good price, also nice casual clothes for boys and girls. Kim the owner will help you the best way she can. Address Dr. Persoonslaan 15c in Willebroek (near road A12).

Caroline is a very nice shop with nice casual clothes, lingerie and dancewear that is always up to date. Address Wijnaardstraat 5b in Kortrijk

Dinky One of the best shops in Brussels with all kind of clothes, shoes and boots also for Drag Queens. See their small website Address Galerie Agora 50, in the centre near the big place.

Hair Club All Drag performers come to get their wigs or fabrics to make themselves a new dress. Nice shop to look around in because you always find something you like. Also a good shop for buying new make-up! Address Boulevard Anspack 153 in the centre of Brussels.



*In most of the Belgian bookstores you can buy many erotic magazines such as X-kiss Contact Magazine that is full of good information for free contacts also (tv/ts).

*If you want a cheap haircut or brushing go to Kreatos they are all over the country.

*For entering a club or bar the age of 18 is good enough.

*Travelling around is at a fair price for trains and taxis, to do that as a T-girl is also no problem.

*If you want more info about hotels or whatsoever you best go to or or



Belgium has a good name when we talk about restaurants. All over the country we have good places where you can find the best dishes from fish to meat or pizza to fast food, you name it! Here are some restaurants you can have a nice dinner while you see a fantastic drag show!

Tops Restaurant Is a place where everyone is welcome, even as a T-girl! It is world famous for its good quality kitchen and entertainment. The people inside are beautiful and the music is super, a good service is guaranteed by the owner Jean Claude and his son Serge. Address Namenstraat 17-19 at the Waalse Kaai in Antwerp

Het Spookhu is If you come here for the first time you donít know where to look first, the decoration inside is unique in Belgium see If you want to come here for dinner you have to book well in advance. The reason for that is because a night at Het Spookhuis is not soon forgotten with wonderful Drag acts and entertainment. Address Steenweg op Gierle 441 near Turnhout take freeway Antwerp ĖEindhoven and go out at nr23

Maskara This place is new in T-girl scene entertainment but what a place it has become! Reservations are to be done a least a month before. Here you will also have the night of your life, with four of the best Drags in the area of Antwerp, your night is guaranteed to be good! Also the food is served well and the hall where it all happens has just super decor! Address Jozef Reusenslei 17 Borsbeek (near Antwerp) Tel. 0032 (0)3 297 07 47



All the places that are in this list are open to T-girls. You will see that there are a lot of gay places in this list, the reason for this is because we donít have a specific bars or clubs just for T-girls and most of the girls are in these gay bars and cafťís where they can be themselves!

Hessenhuis Very well known place for the gay scene, lots of special Drag shows on the weekend and a place where local T-girls hang out a lot! Address Falconrui 53 in Antwerp

Red and Blue No place is hotter in Antwerp than this club. On Saturdays only boys and T-girls are allowed. Every first Sunday of the month is Studio 54 time! A night with a mixed crowd never to forget! Also lots of T-girls hang out here. Address Lange Schipperskapelstraat 11-13 in Antwerp

Dandyís Gay bar is mainly a gay place but if you go out here Iím sure you will have great time as a T-girl! Address Pr. Clementinalaan 195 in Gent

Ladyís Palace is one of the few places where the lesbian girls go out in Antwerp, I always have a great time here. The music is mixed and good to dance to. Address Waalse Kaai 56 in Antwerp Le Cabaret a better known as Club Strong but now on Sundays.

Le Cabaret has very nice Drag Entertainment. Address Galerie Louise 1 in Brussel

La Demence are occasional gay parties at Fuse Club, these parties take place about 11 times a year. Always with a full house and lots of special T-girls. Address Rue Blaesstraat 208 in Brussels

LíAnvers DíAnvers is owned by Marnix who is the Drag performer in his own bar. On Fridays and Saturdays there are Drag shows. T-girls are welcome. Tel. 0032 (0)3 237 33 36 address Pacificatiestraat 97 in Antwerp

Club 7th Heaven Every Friday from 21h has a Tranny party organised by Miss Celeste. The decoration here is just super! Tel. 0032 (0)9 372 59 57 Address Grote Baan 218 in Lovendegem (near Gent)

Club New Riddershof holds a Tranny party every 2nd Tuesday and last Wednesday of the month. This is the oldest Tranny party in Belgium running for more than 6 years, a big success! This is also my favourite place to go out on a normal weekday. Thereís always lots of T-girls in the house and boys who like them. Address St Annastraat 127a in Hamme St-Anna Club

Freedom is a new Tranny party here but already a big success! The crowd is a bit different than new Riddershof so that makes it worth going to both of them. The party is every first Wednesday of the month. Address Gustaaf Vandensteenstraat 115 in Lennik (St Kwintens)