Egypt Pictures by Eva Fruitee


Vicky Lee says...

"Donít you just love these pictures from Eva as they prove that dressing up and cross-dressing can be enjoyed ANYWHERE". says Vicky Lee

I visited Luxor in Egypt for two weeks in the summer of 99. It was one of the best holidays I have ever had. The country is dusty and dirty. The men heckle everyone, to buy, to take a ride or just to talk. It IS a scary country - Lesley and I were advised not to take train trips as bandits were attacking the trains.

However ... it is beautifull and magical. It is mystical and spiritual. And the Nile river is enchanting. We stayed in an inexpensive hotel leaving every other day dressed like Lara Croft to explore markets, tombs and temples.

On the alternate days I sunbathed, swam, learnt new songs and read books (Egyptian history) using a day pass at the French hotel. We ate in lovely hotels and enjoyed thier bars which provided light entertainmentI dressed ambiguosly and did not exercise my tranny side to any degree.

I had the best rest that I had allowed myself for a number of years past or since. However we were very well aware of the the pool parties and theme nights in the bigger hotels which not only Eva but also those around her enjoyed. And what better backdrop could a tranny wish for than one of the most beautiful places on earth. It does look cleaner at night.

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Photos with thanks to Eva Fruitee