'Cap d'Agde in France by Natasha'


You're free to go anywhere, nude, in the Quarter Naturists. Nudity is compulsory on the beach and in the pools, (but this is not effectively enforced, some people leave on their 2 piece swimming suit). So for Trannies it's paradise, you can be yourself there, keeping your wig and nail polish and have fun. During my trip, I was myself as Natasha 24/7 and I was the only tranny there, women just love us.

On the streets and in the shops clothed and partly clothed people seem to out-number nude ones by maybe 10 to 1, even when the weather is warm enough. This can be a bit intimidating if you step out nude and find everyone else clothed especially in the evenings.

A wide range of people of virtually all ages visit Agde and the place did not seem to be dominated by any age group or by one sex. Not surprisingly, given the time I was there, I saw many families with school-age children, but more couples with and without young children.


The weather in June-August seems to be hot during the day and coolish during the night. The end of August-September there's some hazy sunshine, sometimes drizzle with some clouds.


Agde is expensive. Shop prices are about 2 to 2.5 times those in the supermarkets outside. You pay a high premium for the privilege of shopping in the nude, but it's still cheaper than the UK prices.

Take as much as you can of the things you will need when you first arrive. Then when you can, go shopping in the supermarkets (such as Intermarche) on the outskirts of Agde.


The Quarter Naturists has both residential and business accommodation, owned by companies and some of the apartments are owned privately, they are let out during the season.

Buying a flat there will cost about £60,000 - £120,000.

The apartments in Port Naturism are particularly badly designed from a security point of view and if you leave the French windows open for air in hot weather anyone has access to your room. So you have to be careful not to leave your windows open.

There is only one three-star hotel, The Eve, rooms seem clean & good quality.


There are many bars and restaurants in the Quarter Naturists, some of which have entertainment. The entertainment is predominantly French. Tour companies may arrange entertainment for their own customers. There are also discos / night clubs, one of which advertises itself explicitly to swingers. I visited them all which was expensive to gain entry as a single person, but dressed up as Natasha, I passed 3 times for a woman and gained entry for free, because its free for women. It all depends on the mood of the bouncer at the door. There is a similar range of entertainment outside the Quarter Naturists.


In 1994, apparently, there were complaints about the behaviour of some people on the beach - since it is a naturist beach, the complaints presumably came from naturists. As a result, the municipality of Agde passed a bye-law (arrete) from 1995 onwards prohibiting "exhibitionism", "pornography" and "pornographic jewellery" in the Quarter Naturists. In some ways the Quarter Naturists is more strictly regulated than the rest of France. I did see some porn on sale in the shops, but no worse than anything on sale outside, (in France pornographic videos are on sale in supermarkets).

The east end of the beach has an area marked by a fence where the authorities seem to tolerate exhibitionism in the dunes, and it is probably best for families to avoid this area. When assessing Cap D'Agde from this point of view, remember that it is not a nautrist resort in the usual sense, but a part of France that happens to be for naturists use and it is regulated by the local government. Cap D'Agde is not way out for a place that is (a) in France and (b) somewhere where people go to relax. The sleaze is not obvious to families or those who are not looking for it. Some naturist go there just to chat and sleep. While the night life is out there til 4-5am for whoever is looking for it.


Cap D'Agde is an interesting enjoyable place and I will go back, but it's not a naturist paradise. If you want the Cap D'Agde experience, then there is only one Cap D'Agde but if you just want to be naked, then, from the climatic and financial points of view, Spain or other naturists beaches are probably better value.

You will miss a bit if you are not a couple, many clubs are couples only but you can get away with it, if you go with group, only couples are allowed in couples clubs.

I met many couples and went with them to the couples only clubs, where I enjoyed my time more.

There is also a Gay Club where everyone is welcome, you will see couples, gays, lesbians, and single women too, all are welcome at this club.

It's a fetish/swinging society there. During the day everyone is naked and during the night, it's even better....clothes? God they are so sexy. You have the best collections of sexy and sensual clothes all in one place in the chain of shops there, like nowhere else.