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In October I enjoyed a visit by three friends from England.

Louise Wood, who had her profile in last year's Tranny Guide, contacted me after having read my profile to see if we could meet

And so on a dreadfully cold Friday night in October Louise, her friends Zara and Jo, with my friends Jun, Natasha and Renate and myself set out for a night in Amsterdam.

Louise, Zara and Jo had already spent the day shopping and we all arrived quite late because we had to get dressed en femme and drive to Amsterdam after work. When we joined them we started with supper at THE SAOW Thai Café, then continued to dragbar DE LELLEBEL. Both places were packed, but we had a good time. After an hour or so at De Lellebel we continued to Club ‘IT’, which is just around the corner and has recently re-introduced tranny-friendly nights. (look out for their "Golddiggers" theme nights) Because we were trannies we all got in for free, but it may also have had something to do with the fact that there was hardly anybody there. We had a good time regardless. By 2.00 a.m. Louise, Jo and Zara went back to the apartment they'd rented (they'd been in their heels for over twelve hours by that time) and we all said our goodbyes.

If anyone else needs a guide on a visit to Amsterdam or The Hague just send me an e-mail. If I can't be there I can almost always find someone else who'll be happy to do the honours.

Last year saw the birth of yet another new party for the T-scene, THE KITTEN CLUB, organised by ‘’ and dragbar De Lellebel. It was held in March and November in the 'PALACE' discotheque in Amsterdam just around the corner from DE LELLEBEL and attracted around 60 people each night, which made for a busy place. Entertainment was provided by illustrious scene-queens such as ‘Saphira’ aka the Dutch Tina Turner, ‘MayDay’, ‘Sugi’ ‘LaRi’, ‘Felicia Six’, the ‘Chicks with Dicks’, ‘The Working Girls’ who are currently the top in tranny-entertainment, and it's always a real pleasure to watch their shows. Every one partied until the early morning. I've noticing more and more trannies are bringing their wives/girlfriends to these parties. They are good occasions to show off clothes, wigs and style, not just for the tranny, but for the partner too.

In November I was with three friends, and we'd decided we wanted to have supper in a good restaurant, but because one of us couldn't get away from the children early enough we ended up with only just enough time to grab a bite at a Burger King. Bad for the calorie-count, but good for everyone's confidence. None of us had ventured into the neon glare of a fast food restaurant before while en femme, and though we didn't pass, we all felt good enough to return the stares we received with friendly smiles. After this boost to our confidence the party felt all the better.

In May 2003 Amsterdam hosted the second International Transgender Film festival (the first was in 2001). The festival was held at ‘DE BALIE’, a venue just off the popular Leidseplein, it ran for five days and showed a host of short and long films and documentaries.

The opening film was 'Georgie Girl', a well made documentary on the extraordinary life of Georgina Beyer, the worlds first ever transsexual MP who holds a seat for Labour in the parliament of New-Zealand The theme of the festival was 'Transmasculinities" and so a fair number of the films on offer were about FtM-transsexuals, which was interesting because that's a side of the T-scene one doesn't usually encounter. Seeing and meeting FtM's was an enriching experience.

Certainly the funniest film about FtM's was 'Unhung heroes', in which five 'guys' dream about how they're going to come up with the quarter of a million dollars each needs for a penis-transplant.

One night was drag-queen night, and showing were 'Wigstock', the documentary on the drag-festival that took place in New York during the 1980's & 1990's, and 'Trash', the film that made Holly Woodlawn famous before Lou Reed immortalised her in his song 'Walk on the Wildside'. Holly Woodlawn, Wigstock-organiser Lady Bunny and Wigstock film-director Barry Shills were all present to light up the festival with there dazzling personalities. Shills is presently working on a documentary on the life of Holly Woodlawn, and the festival-visitors were lucky enough to be shown a 25-minute preview of the film so far. Judging by that preview the entire film is going to be an absolute must-see.

Other films included "Gaudi afternoon" by director Susan Seidelmann (Desperately seeking Susan), based on a novel by Barbara Wilson, "Mutti, der film" (Mommy, the film), an over the top comedy starring two drag-queens from the Berlin scene and the Norwegian documentary "All about my father", in which the director portrays his tranny father and the effect his father's openness, about his Transvestism, has had on their family. Most of the films on offer were mainstream enough to be shown on television, and one can only hope that they will be shown.

The audience for most films was a good mix of tranny boys and girls and genetic men and women. The festival also included a party on the Saturday-night where the music was provided by an all-butch rock band and a tranny DJ.

Obviously I didn't just go to the films; I also went shopping in Amsterdam, which was another good experience. I found friendly service in every shop I went into, and encountered no problems on the streets. The thing is, in the part of the city-centre surrounding the film-venue at least half of the people are tourists, and they seem to consider seeing a tranny just another part of their Amsterdam-experience.

The first weekend in August, Amsterdam played host to Gay Pride, which has become a four day event full of lectures, forum-discussions, parties and on Saturday the Canal Parade, which attracts gay and transgendered people from all over Europe and spectators from all over the country. Under a blistering sun characteristic of last year's summer 85 boats and floats sailed the Amsterdam canals under the watchful eyes of several hundreds of thousands of people. I went with a small group of friends to admire and be admired, and we had a great day. We followed the parade for a while and then continued on our own little parade which ended at a friendly pub ‘DE GIJS’. We ended up being the focal point of another annual event. ‘De Gijs’ is visited each year by a group of costumers of a pub in a tiny village north of Amsterdam. Once each year, the owner of this pub sends a coach load of his regulars to Amsterdam to visit ‘De Gijs’. These people have never before seen a tranny (unless they went on the trip before), and so are full of misconceptions and questions, and they are all very eager to learn about us and drink with us, which definitely makes for a fun filled afternoon for all involved.

This year Travestielounge ‘MARIPOSA’ moved to new premises, closer to the centre of Amsterdam and in a much nicer, very stylish old house. They now have a shop on the ground floor where they sell an exclusive line of Polish clothing called ‘Hexeline’ and the lounge on the first floor. The place was officially opened on the last Saturday of November with a small get together for all the members and other regulars. Two weeks earlier Mary & Ilse had opened the doors to the neighbourhood, to explain what goes on in the first floor lounge. The responses from the neighbours were invariably accepting. In the old neighbourhood the taunts and harassments from the local Morroccan community towards the owners and the customers had become unbearable, up to the point were it became almost impossible to leave without being verbally abused. This is very disconcerting, especially if you're just coming out of the closet. Talking to the elders of the community only proved a short term solution, and so the decision was made to leave.

In the profile I wrote for last year's Guide I said I was considering laser-treatment to get rid of my beard. I have since started undergoing the treatment, although I'm not quite sure whether 'treatment' is the right word. Torture is more like it. Even with the machine at a low intensity it still feels like my chin is being assaulted by a mad accupuncturist. My skin reacts quite violently, taking more than two weeks to recover and lose the red rashes and pimples. Nevertheless the effect on the hairs is almost immediately visible too. So I suppose I'll continue. Beauty requires suffering, right? In the listings I've given short descriptions of addresses which I've already mentioned in previous years to make room for new shops and services. I couldn't have made this update without the help of Conny, Chris, Laura, Renate, Ayla, Jun, Natasha, Sonja & Paula. I know this list is far from complete. So if you have visited The Netherlands or if you are Dutch and you feel you have something to contribute or If you are planning a visit and you need advice or a guide drop me a line at:

Have a wonderful year and be fabulous,

Monica xx



Shopping, as you all know, is a real treat. The more I do it the more I discover how easy it is.

One of the reasons the following listings I put together does not contain any of the large chains of shops is that at most of these places shopping as a tranny, or as a man shopping for feminine stuff, is simply not a problem.

As a man I have bought underwear, tights, skirts, handbags, a hat and jewellery at branches of C&A, H&M, V&D, M&S and P&C, as a tranny I've been to branches of the HEMA, the BIJENKORF, DOUGLAS, BRISTOL and SCAPINO for lingerie, perfume and shoes and I have yet to meet the first unwilling or unpleasant shop assistant. Admittedly all these shops were in one of the major cities. Things may be different in rural areas. Then again, they may not. Why not find out for yourself?

Getting 'dressed' is a lot more fun if you actually have somewhere to go to. Not every chain is as well represented as the other, for instance the Bijenkorf has only eight department stores, and HEMA has more than two hundred, but there's always one of them near you. If you don’t have the nerve or the time to spend an afternoon or two shopping at your high street favourites, mail-order companies are the perfect solution. There are five major ones for clothes, all of which are originally German, and one for make-up, which is French. All publish catalogues and websites (in Dutch).

KLINGEL +31-(0)10-447 9800. mail: Klingel, Postbus 499, 3000 AL, Rotterdam. Not for the young and wild, but for anyone past their teens with a taste for style. Best feature: They’re the first mail-order company to have discovered that a lot of girls have big feet. Most of their shoe-collection now goes up to size euro 43 (UK 10), some of it to 46 (UK 13).

NECKERMANN. +31-(0)115-640 024. mail: Neckermann, Antwoordnummer 8022, 4530 RB, Terneuzen. Everyday fashion. Nothing too fancy, just practical clothing. Also: furniture, curtains, household appliances, electronic equipment and computers. Best feature: slightly cheaper than the others.

OTTO. +31-(0)13-4666 666. mail: Otto, t.a.v. Carla Depman, Antwoordnummer 5000, 5005 AA, Tilburg. For all ages, tastes and budgets. Best feature: the ‘Exclusive’ collection, which consists of a wide range of fashion to die for. It will make you look smashing. Very nice, very feminine and very much worth the extra money. On the down side: most of their shoes available in max. size euro 41 or 42 (UK 8 or 9).

WEHKAMP. +31-(0)38-426 4264 (orders) or 426 4364 (info). Mail: Meeuwenlaan 2, 8011 BZ, Zwolle. Website: Much like Neckermann, nothing spectacular but all very affordable.

QUELLE. +31-(0)115-626 466, fax +31-(0)115-626 490. Mail: Postbus 186, 4560 AD, Hulst. Website: Affordable everyday fashion, again much like Neckermann and in fact sometimes overlapping with Neckermann in clothing brands.

YVES ROCHER +31-(0)35-609 1122, fax +31-(0)35-609 1101. Nieuwegracht 4, 3763 LA, Soest. Wide range of make-up and perfumes. Their foundation and powder are good enough to cover a beard shadow and their lipstick and nail-varnish are easy to remove. Best feature: monthly special offers which allow you to buy expensive stuff at half price. On the down side: the nail-varnish tends to chip off a little too easily.

LANDELIJKE KONTAKTGROEP TRAVESTIE & TRANSSEKSUALITEIT (LKG T&T). Postbus 11571, 1001 GN, Amsterdam. +31-(0)6-2543 5865. E-mail: National support group run by TVs & TSs. If you’re looking for advice, a listening ear or a safe night out they offer it all. The people behind the group have all ‘been there’ themselves. The group publishes a bi-monthly magazine in Dutch for members called ‘Transformatie’. Monthly meetings (all from 8 pm. onwards, except Middelburg which is from 9 pm) in the following cities: Amsterdam, 1st wed. +31-(0)6-1008 6671 (call between 4 & 6 pm); Eindhoven, 1st sat. +31-(0)40-286 9404 or 251 8144; Groningen, 4th wed. +31-(0)50-526 2481, Hengelo 4th Sat 31(0)622383820, Hoorn, 3rd wed. +31-(0)20-512 3210; Middelburg, 2nd fri. +31-(0)118-612 280; Rotterdam, 2nd sat +31-(0)10-420 5055; Nieuwegein, 3rd sat. +31-(0)348-564 318. For directions to the venues, phone the appropriate numbers. Eindhoven is the busiest night with a regular crowd of up to 80 people. The meeting in Amsterdam is held in a pub, all the others are in community-centres or an otherwise closed environment. Last year I mentioned the group was thinking of changing it's name, but in the end they didn't.

MARIPOSA TRAVESTIE LOUNGE & SHOP Cornelis Krusemanstraat 9, Amsterdam. +31-(0)20-667 0345, mobile +31-(0)6-1140 1498. Ask for: Mary or Ilse. Mariposa has moved! Mary & Ilse have taken their business to a new address closer to the city-centre, where they will concentrate on selling clothes in their new shop called First View. They are the sole importers of a classy fashion range called Hexeline. The shop is open tuesday's till saturdays from 10 a.m. onwards. The tranny-lounge has the same opening-hours but only for members. Non-members are welcome on thursdays and saturdays, with the last saturday of the month traditionally being the longest and busiest night. There is a door-charge for the lounge. The new place is quite close to Amsterdam's most famous shopping-street, the P.C. Hooftstraat. It's fairly easy to find a parking space in the area. Paid parking until 7 p.m. From the Central Station take tram 16 to stop 'Valeriusplein'.

TRAVISAGE Postbus 150, 3640 AD, Mijdrecht. +31-(0)348-692 045 or +31-(0)6-3014 6166. Ask for: Ad or Truus. Dressing-service and tranny-shop run by a cross-dresser and his wife. This is a trusted and trustworthy place if you're taking your first steps in the outside world. They stock all the necessary goodies and they will gladly help you achieve the look you want. Visits by appointment only.

DE LELLEBEL Utrechtsestraat 4, 1017 VN, Amsterdam. +31-(0)20-427 5139. Just off the Rembrandtplein, in the middle of the city centre. This is the country’s only tranny pub. Attracts trannies and admirers. Entertainment by their resident stars Desiree dello Stiletto, Esther van Cartier, Sugi LaRi, Felicia Six and others. It's small, but it's a good and safe place. Parking in the area is a disaster. It's best to leave your car at the city hall (Stopera) parking, which is less than ten minutes away in heels.

CAFE DE GIJS Lindengracht 249, 1015 KH, Amsterdam. +31-(0)20-638 0740. This is a typical neighbourhood pub in the area of the city centre called the Jordaan. It’s named after it’s friendly owner, Gijs, who wants his pub to be a place where people of all genders can meet and learn to understand each other. This is where the local branch of the national support group LKG T&T meets every 1st Wednesday, but you’re welcome to visit every other day of the month. Upstairs is a small changing room where you can leave your bag if you’re going into town. Use of the room is free, but call in advance to announce your arrival and please be polite enough to spend a few euros and leave a big tip as a ‘thank you’.

CARAMBA Lindengracht 342, 1015 KN, Amsterdam. +31-(0)20-627 1188. Mexican restaurant opposite De Gijs. The local LKG T&T group sometimes have their supper here before their Wednesday-night meeting, so the staff are used to trannies. They serve decent food at decent prices and you can usually show up without a reservation, although on Fridays and Saturdays it’s better to be safe than sorry.

‘T SLUISJE Torensteeg 1, Amsterdam, +31-(0)20-624 0813. E-mail:, Small pub/restaurant with tranny waitresses and entertainers in the heart of the city. Nice place with good food which is very welcoming of tranny costumers. It's very popular so reservations made at least a week in advance are very necessary, certainly if you want a table at their nine o'clock seating. You can only reserve by phone and you can only pay in cash. The menu can be viewed on the website, which is also in English. If you're in Amsterdam this place is definitely worth a visit.

SAOW THAI CAFE Oudezijds Achterburgwal 160, Amsterdam. +31-(0)20-422 3023. Small cafeteria-type restaurant in the red light district where all the staff are Thai 'katoi'. After supper they change their waitresses-dresses for show-costumes and do a lip-sync-show of about an hour. The food is good and cheap. Get there by taxi, as the red light district is not a completely safe place for a woman on foot, alone or in a group. (Unless you want to find out your 'street value'.)

MAC The famous make-up brand now has three sales counters in the Netherlands, at the department-stores of De Bijenkorf in Amsterdam (Dam 1, +31-(20)-625 6006), Rotterdam (Coolsingel 105, +31-(0)10-282 3700, ask for the MAC-counter) and Maastricht (Achter het vleeshuis 26, +31-(0)43-3285800, ask for the MAC-counter). They sell the whole range of MAC-products and do on the spot make-overs.

STRAVERS LUXE SCHOENEN Main branche: Slotermeerlaan 117a, 1063 JN, Amsterdam. +31-(0)20-613 5285. Also at: Overtoom 139, 1054 HG, Amsterdam. +31-(0)20-616 9973. website: Shoe-shop with a wide range of ladies shoes in sizes up to euro 47. The staff are used to trannies They are very friendly and helpful.

CYNTHELLE Main branch: Van Woustraat 50, 1073 LM, Amsterdam. +31-(0)20-671 9375. Also at: Utrechtsestraat 47, Amsterdam. website:, e-mail: Shop which sells cosmetics and affordable wigs and is welcoming to trannies.

ROSANNA HAIRMASTERS Gedempte Gracht 603, 2512 AM, Den Haag. +31-(0)70-363 0650. Tranny friendly wig shop which sells the major brands (Gisela Mayer, Ellen Wille, Raquel Welch etc.) The shop is tiny and quite hard to find but you'll find friendly service. It's best to make an appointment by phone.

UGEKA Stadhouderslaan 4, 3583 JH, Utrecht. +31-(0)30-251 3599. This is a shop which has taken it's collection to several gatherings of the national support group, so they're used to trannies and will be happy to help you find your perfect hairstyle. They sell not only synthetic wigs, but also real human hair. A friend of mine bought a real hair wig here and it is by far the best wig I have ever seen. Why? Because it doesn't look like a wig, it looks like her own hair.

TRATTORIA CASA DA TONI Prinsestraat 36, 2513 CD, Den Haag. +31-(0)70- 364 3097. Small Italian restaurant in the middle of the city run by a lovely couple, Flavio & Monica, who are very welcoming to trannies provided you look your best. They serve excellent food & wines. It's very popular and you’ll need to book at least a week in advance, certainly if you're with more than two. Park your car in the parking garage at the Torenstraat, which is five minutes away in heels.

RESTAURANT LA FONTAINE Deltaplein 623-625, 2554 GJ, Den Haag. +31-(0)70-325 9757. e-mail: Close to a large parking, this is a nice beach-club and restaurant on the boulevard of Kijkduin, the far most southwestern tip of The Hague. La Fontaine is in the middle of a row of beach-clubs. It’s popular, so book a table well in advance, especially if you’re going on a Friday or Saturday. Make sure you ask for a table overlooking the North Sea for a spectacular view.

BODEGA DE SPIEGEL Laan van Meerdervoort 52/V, 2517 AM, Den Haag, +31-(0)70-365 1778. Small café-style restaurant run by the same people who own café Duinstee (see below). They're not trying to achieve Michelin-stars here, but the food and the atmosphere are good.

CAFE DUINSTEE Halstraat 10, 2513 AJ, Den Haag. +31-(0)70-365 3145. Small mixed/gay pub with a friendly atmosphere in the middle of the city. Attracts some local trannies. It’s a good place if you want to go for a drink between supper and the disco.

STRASS DISCOTHEEK Javastraat 132, 2585 AX, Den Haag. +31-(0)70-363 6522. Small gay disco on the edge of the city centre with a relaxed atmosphere and a fun loving crowd. Attracts some local trannies. Saturdays are the busiest nights, but Friday’s are more fun because there are more girls present, who are far more likely to be interested in a chat or a flirt than the gay guys. The fun doesn’t start until after midnight. Parking is not too bad and free.

GAY PALACE Schiedamsesingel 139, 3012 BA, Rotterdam. +31-(0)10-414 1486. In the centre of Rotterdam, possibly the hippest gay-disco in the nation. They employ drag-queen dancers & emcees and are accepting of tranny customers. The music is mainly up-to-date techno.

SILHOUETTE BOOTS & SHOES Karel Doormanstraat 467, 3012 GH, Rotterdam. +31-(0)10-413 0516. Ask for: Nel or Sandra. Family-run business with over 30 years of experience. Come in drag or in drab, you will always be given a warm reception and good advice. Fashionable, sexy, high quality shoes & boots in sizes up to euro 42 and a small selection up to size euro 46. You can order online, but frankly a visit can be a real treat. They have special night-openings for T-girls twice a year on thursdays. They are also a pre-sale point for tickets for tranny and fetish-parties. Highly recommended. If you’re lucky enough to have small feet (max.size euro 41/UK 8) you can also try their branches in Schiedam, Haarlem or Zoetermeer.

VOILA DAMESMODE Karel Doormanstraat 362-364, 3012 GR Rotterdam. +31-(0)10-411 9473. Back in the listings since I've had some good reports on them recently. Diagonally across the street from Silhouette, this is a large shop which sells up market suits and evening wear for girls of all sizes. Exclusive and thus expensive, but with a friendly service.

DE ZEEUW SCHOENMODE Slinge 584a, 3086 EX, Rotterdam. +31-(0)10-480 4790. Shoe shop with fashionable, classy styles in sizes up to euro 45. Friendly service. On the corner of a busy shopping square and next to a parking garage, it is easy to reach by car, bus and underground. The neighbourhood is not as good as it used to be, but I'd still rate it safe enough to go en femme.

CALAND SCHOEN Nieuwe Binnenweg 14, 3015 BA, Rotterdam. +31-(0)10-436 6317. Fashionable ladies shoes up to size euro 46/UK 13. The attitude of the staff tends to be one of indifference rather than friendliness, but they sell good quality footwear at prices to match.

LAURA DAY +31-(0)6-2261 4150. e-mail: Laura is a wonderful girl who runs a dressing service, gives make-overs & make-up lessons and will escort you shopping. She also sells boobs and wigs. Furthermore she knows what’s happening in the scene in the south of the country and in Belgium. Once a month she hosts a tranny night in Club Mystique (see below).

FUN4TWO Middelweg 18, 2841 LA, Moordrecht. +31-(0)182-378 724 or 0900-386 4896. Situated just off the A20 motorway near Gouda with a huge private parking lot, this is really a sex-club for couples, but with T-parties twice a year on Thursdays. The dates are announced on their homepage and on Don’t be put of by the fact this is a sex-club. Nudity is only allowed on the 1st floor and if you’re not interested you simply stay downstairs. Just have a good time dancing, talking and eating. It’s a classy place and the owners are nice people. Changing room is available and all drinks, food, entertainment and a personal locker are included in the admission.

CLUB MYSTIQUE Zundertseweg 84, 4715 SC, Rucphen. +31-(0)165-343 280. website: This is another sex-club for couples, in the country-side between Rotterdam and Antwerp, which holds T-nights every 2nd Thursday, hosted by the lovely Laura Day. It has private parking and room to change. Food and drinks are included in the admission. The place attracts trannies and admirers, and because of that the atmosphere is more erotic than in Fun4two. Since Thursday is a regular day for the club you’ll also find straight couples present.

VOGUE Veldbleekstraat 4, 7551 DD, Hengelo, +31-(0)74-250 8308 / 250 8410. website: Hip straight disco in the east of the country which is accepting of gays and trannies. You'll never be the only tranny, since their resident T-girl Chantal, who is both beautiful and friendly, is always there, either behind the bar or on the floor.

T-CAFE GRONINGEN Gedempte Zuiderdiep 64.9711 HK, Groningen +31(0)503142052. Restaurant in city centre of Groningen run by T-girl Katja who also performs her own comedy & Musicshow. Katja welcomes other T-girls. This is only a virtual place and it's only in dutch. Their website offers news on the national and international tranny-scene, a contact-service and a chatroom which is used by lots of people. Log on and you’ll never be lonely again. You’re bound to find people who will be able to show you around and give you the ‘ins and outs’ on any of the major cities. The people behind this site also co-host the parties at Fun4Two and the Kitten Club at The Palace in Amsterdam, both of which are held twice a year.

BEAUTY-LINE Nieuwe Binnenweg 348b, 3023 ES, Rotterdam. +31-(0)10-425 7272. Ask for: Ingrid. This is a hairdresser and beautician who will style and cut your hair in a feminine way. She has several tranny-customers. Call first for an appointment and to discuss your wishes and expectations.

MEDI SKIN CARE Pegasusstraat 16, 1131 NB, Volendam. +31-(0)299-404 571. Two friendly ladies run this company. They provide professional laser treatment at their own practice and at the monthly meetings of the support group LKG T&T in Nieuwegein (see above). They are not as expensive as most other laser treatment people.

POUR TOUS Maliestraat 18, 3581 SM, Utrecht. +31-(0)30-233 2843. e-mail: Laser treatment for men, women and transgenders.

BEAUTY CENTRE PHYSICAL De Venser, Berthold Brechtstraat 1, 1102 RA, Amsterdam Zuidoost. +31-(0)20-699 9512 or 695 3095. Ask for: Dolly de Hond. E-mail: Laser treatment, make-up lessons, manicure, pedicure, make-overs for a day or a night out. Treatment only by appointment.

VROLIJK GAY & LESBIAN BOOKSHOP Paleisstraat 135, 1012XL, Amsterdam Tel: 020-6235142 email: A good place to go. It has a large section with transgender books upstairs (mainly in English) and also a nice selection of transgender/travesty DVDs see