Hungary by Viki

My name is Viki and I am now 28. I live in Budapest and I have a... double life! This means on week days I am working as a business consultant for foreign companies and therefore my clothing style is suit and tie - supported by a male trustworthy and earnest behavior, and this is Viktor.

On weekends the transformation into Viki happens. I perform with a great deal of success as a Drag Queen. I perform in several gay and non-gay places throughout the capital city of Budapest. I have lived this double life for one year, feeling the need of satisfying both: Viktor as a man and Viki as a woman.

The two inseparable identities are a full expression of my self. Since a child I was attracted to my mom’s high heeled shoes, make-up, accessories and dresses. I always felt so fascinated. I was brought up in a tough family atmosphere where homosexuality had not the slightest chance to find space. Even though, by the way, I did not, at that time, interpret my own inclinations as being homosexual, I knew I was refined and sensitive.

Subsequently after a steady relationionship for three years with a girl, I got married at the young age of 20. I truly loved my ex-wife, and was truly commited to her. I consider her to be a marvelous and esteem-worthy person.

The first years of our marriage were fantastic, I felt so happy... like touching the sky, and a daughter was born. At the 6th year of marriage I had a sexual experience with a person of my same sex and only then I realized that I feel better with men. It was a hard and painful revelation, but true. I knew then that the time for a change had come and also that I must say my farewell to the life I was conducting.

I realized I had been living until that moment suppressing an aspect of my self. I had to divorce from my wife as of course she could not accept the reality we were both facing.

It was a time of extreme hardship and pain for the two of us. We loved each other so much, but at that point we knew that loving her deeply would not keep me away from being sexually attracted by other men.

Nowadays, 28 years freshly celebrated, I live as a single and am sure to meet one day my life soul-mate. I am encouraged to not be shy to this opportunity as close friends always declare to me that I am divine as Viki!


Surrounded by several countries Hungary is positioned very strategically in the heart of Europe.

Hungary has the most western standard of life within East Europe.

We are about 10 millions inhabitants, speaking Hungarian language, living in a very generous and moderate climate offering us the best of the four seasons.

Until 1989 Hungary was under a socialist régime. Many people nowadays are still effected by the old régime, faithful still to socialist values that have little of sociality and humanity! Many people are also influenced by the Hasburgic Empire temperament which lacks humour due to economic restrictions that a slice of the population is still paying the price for. Hungarians as a consequence tend to be at a first approach, formal and reserved.

Due to these oppressive régimes, coming out for gays and lesbians is not an easy path and only at is only just beginning to surface. In most cities in our country you will find bars and meeting places for gays, still the situation for cross-dressers and transgenders is more difficult.

Budapest though is different. Hungary is an extremely centralised country in the sense that all major happenings, events, cultural scene, and business life, happens in the capital city Budapest. This is also true of the lesbian, gay and transgender scene.

“spend an evening in high spirits, surrounded by lovable and welcoming people”

Budapest city dwellers love speaking to foreigners, either living in, or visiting their home town. Most can easily speak English, Italian and German. There are specific places, where cross-dressers and transgenders gather that let them spend an evening in high spirits, surrounded by lovable and welcoming people. Budapest, among all Eastern Europe cities and capitals, is a real metropolis. With three underground lines everything is within 10 minutes reach.

How beautiful the city is, forged in eclectic architecture, rich Art Nouveau buildings with the spectacular Opera House, so decadent and indeed fascinating. Two millions people living alongside the rivers of the Danube, the Buda and the Pest. Part of the city in the former hilly and ancient land, and the reminder in the latter flattish and urban land. Budapest has a lively and interesting gay scene cantered mainly in the Pest side, offering various entertainment for cross-dresser and transgendered people in clubs, bars and restaurants.

I am very happy to help my ‘sisters’ plan a visit to my beautifull city or give you latest friendly places. Viki