LGBT Parades in Europe by Pamela A

Each year many countries all over the world hold their Gay parades. Last year I went to four of them in Europe in Brussels, Paris, London and Amsterdam, and I must say it's been a lot of fun at all four of them.

The main reason of these parades, the world over, is the same, it's a visible celebration of gay, lesbian bisexual and transgender PRIDE and to remind everyone that discrimination is still experienced every day. I'm not gonna start here telling what kind of problems but if you are gay, lesbian or a transsexual you know what I mean.


The first pride was 4th May in Brussels,in Belgium they also cal it 'Pink Saturday', a day when every gay person can party and feel good. The parade starts in the centre near Brouckereplein and goes all the way through the heart of the old city to end at the same place where it started. After the parade there is a little festival on the square with live music from, this yer, Amanda Lear which was really great to see. Mor einfo fo rnext year's pride is at the date is 3rd May 2003.


Next in line was Paris Pride on the 23rd June. I was here the year before and I'm gonna be here next year. Last year police counted around 500,000 people watching the parade so that says enough. As you know the Mayor of Paris Mr Bertrand Delaneo is also a gay person - he lead the procession behind a banner reading "All together against discrimination". The start was at Porte Doree in the southeast of the city, then passed by the Bastille Jail and ended at the Place de la Republique where the big trucks kept on playing their music for a long time. Oh yes the reason for me to come back here to Paris every year is because this parade has more drag-queens, trannies and sexy dressed she-males than any other parade. Also when you are in Paris dont forget to go to the Escalita Club (Follies Pigalle) here you will see lots of transsexuals. More info at


Just two weeks later 6th July my next pride was one in London. I went to this event with my good friends Alekssandra, Barbara and Priscilla who are well known on the London trans scene. They showed me where to go and took me afterwards to the famous Mardis Gras which is a big festival with a fun fair, live music, and lots more! More info at I will come back here next year because the atmosphere on that day was just super.


My last parade was the one in Amsterdam on the 3rd August. In the days leading up to the parade you can do lots of things here. For more info about the schedule you can surf because there's alot. The parade itself is on the canals with small boats all with wonderful decoration. You have to get there early to get a good spot to see the parade, dont forget! After the parade there is a lot of fun on the gay streets of Amsterdam, and for T-girls the place to be is Leliebel. This is a small tranny bar that you have to see!


Voila here you have a little info from some hot parades in the Euro zone.