Paris by Eva Fruitee

Paris was one of the capitals of the transgender in the sixties with the cabaret " Le Carrousel de Paris " and with artists like Coccinelle, Laurence Crysler and Lola Chanel. At days end this small world met at "Ange Bleu" to take a drink in the bar of famous Aldo.

Yet for some time since these days, this world seemed sleepy, until now. Now the French transgenders wakes up, stepping out of their comfortable apartments to discover more and more places and transgender events in Paris.

During Gay Pride of Paris, every year, we are represented more and applauded more. People in France begin to be more open to us.

What is happening in France, is that places and events for transgenders are not locked into a ghetto, they are open to other communities. This mixture of genre creates a big synergy in the days and the nights of Paris.

For many, Paris is also the city of the sex, and the first-rate expression "Ménages à trois" is understood and used in many countries. " Le Château " runs 'Exchanger Club', an alternative club in a fabulous and luxurious setting.

Two years ago " Le Château " started a special transgender nights every Wednesday. These nights have very fast become the main event of Paris. The reception of the Château is exceptional, you will be able to have dinner, drink, dance, discuss and (in fitted out alcôves), make love. Some will do this with two or more, boys, girls and transgenders. Though you have no obligation to participate, you can only look if you want.

Le Château 103, rue Marcadet - 75018 - Paris tél.: 01 42 58 13 01

Paris being for a long time a city for the artists, has now an art gallery which exposes the transgender artists. This gallery is 'Lulu Lyon' in the which opened its doors at the beginning of 2001 in the district of the Bastille. It has became well known for the quality of its exhibitions. We have other projects in Rome, amsterdam, Barcelona and Brussels. We have a no profit organisation to promote transgender artists.

Check out

Art Galerie Lulu Lyon 16, Rue Keller - 75011 Paris All days of 14 hours at midnight to visit on meeting only. Tél.: - 33(0)660931455

Paris it is also famous for fashion, boutiques. Though until recently services specialised for transgenders was missing. Near the district of the Bastille, a new boutique A la Marquise now specialises in clothes and accessories for transgenders. Reception is excellent, you will feel at ease to purchase, prices are very good compared with the other main stream lingerie boutiques.

A La Marquise 72, rue Amelot - 75011 Paris. Metro St Sébastien Froissart - tel : 01 55 28 33 57 open Monday to Sunday 12h till 20h

In the district of the place Clichy, where Henri Miller spent quiet days. There is a called street " La rue des Dames " (The street of the Ladies). It is the street where there is in Paris the biggest concentration of transsexuals, she males and transvestites. Especially the sex workers from South America and North Africa who live in local cheap hotels.

There is also in this street a boutique, Angel who specialises in the preparation of spectacular clothes made to measure for transgenders.

Collection Angel Paris 20, rue des Dames - 75017 Tél. 01 43 87 17 39

Miss Pauline was a female impersonator for 17 years at ‘Michou’ and has long been a consultant for television companies about the male to female transformation. She now offers her talents and knowledge to transgenders. She has the talent to transform and to feminize a small naughty duck into a beautiful princess.

Miss Pauline -

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