Rome by Eva Fruitee

'Intimita 66' boutique

'Franca and Pino' is a boutique


Bosom Buddies in Rome By Eva and Joana Jimenz

Would like to tell you about a cross-dressing week of holiday in Rome with my best friend, Joana Jimenez.

Joana is a transsexual actress, she has made several films for the cinema and the television.

Rome is a magnificent city with all its antique architecture. There are many clothes boutiques mode which gave me envy to spend my money.

I was surprised seeing a big transgender community over there. We were able to go out in streets without comment or incident. When we were in the area of the Trevi's fountain immortalised by Fellini, policemen came to speak with us in a nice way.

In all the places where we went, we always had a very good reception. But I found certain specific places that are particularly good for trangenders.

The 'Via Principle Amedeo' Find the location from information at the Termini station, is the street of Rome where one meets most of transgenders. In this street, there are several places for us:

'Franca and Pino' is a boutique specialising in products for transgenders, with wigs, make-up, jewels, bosoms, condoms and all the accessories that we need. Reception is warm.

Via Principle Amedeo, 68 - 00185 Rome - tel. 337 760688 'Intimita 66' is a boutique specialising in the lingerie and the sexy dresses.

By way of Principle Amedeo, 66 - 00185 Rome - tel. 06 47 44 619

'Immagine Donna Sonia' is the hairdresser preferred by transgenders, the 50s decoration is rather surprising and pleasant.

Via Principle Amedeo, 76 - 00185 Rome - tel. 06 4818589

I found also a wholesale supplier of jewelery for the boutiques who also sells to private individuals at very good prices, 50 % less than in boutiques. In the same district, there are so many boutiques for low price.

Raffaele Gerbi - Via Filippo Turati, 113 - 00185 Rome - tel. 06 495 7436

For the girls who have big feet, the only specialist is: 'Creazioni Avgantino' - Piazza Nicosia, 25 / has - 26 - Rome - tel. 06 68 80 34 54

We ended the week on Sunday evening in a fantastic club called

'Alien', where they have a big evening " Transmania Night " every Sunday. This night made our week was one of the most beautiful transgender holidays of Europe. The room at 'Alien' is big and the music was good, especially in the middle of the night. There were some spectacles of very good quality to behold. The reception we received from others on this night was fantastic. We left after 5 o'clock in the morning.

Alien - Transmania Night Via Velletri, 13 - Roma I decided the next day as I returned to Paris that I shall often return to Rome.


Eva Fruitee

Joana Jimenz Stunning transsexual actress

'Franca and Pino' is a boutique

Joana Jimenz Stunning transsexual actress