Switzerland by Angela

Introducting 'GWHF - Girls Wanna Have Fun''

"During 99 I was pleased to hear from Angela. After just a few emails Angela had excited me about what was happening in Switzerland. When I received the pictures of Angela and her girlfriends I knew I had a great report for you from an area of Europe that previously seemed rather devoid of tranny action".

Vicky Lee


My name is Angela I established GWHF - Girls 'Wanna Have Fun' in early 1995 together with my friend Stephanie. After many years in the closet we were both sick of our frustrating way of transgendered life. We started advertising in local sex contact magazines. This proved a good way to get in touch with our sisters successfully.

GWHF's monthly meetings are held in public exclusively because for the 'rookies' this is the best way of learning how to become confident and how to 'pass'.

We usually meet in restaurants and bars in Switzerland's main cities such as Basel, Bern, Zurich, Solothurn and Luzern, sometimes in neighbouring Germany and France. On two occasions, we visited the Beauty Swiss Cosmetic Fair' in Zurich, a very interesting experience for we 'girls'.

We don't have any special shops for trannies in our country, (except some sex shops providing silicone titties, wigs and large size high heels). The only way to get girls things are at 'common' shops like 'Manor', 'C&A', 'H&M' etc. (of which most Swiss cities has at least one). For the shoes, we recommend 'Walder Schuhe' (shops in Basel, Zurich and other cities) which provides shoes up to (european) size 43 at affordable prices. If this still isn't big enough, we know of one other shop, 'Big Shoes', (Freieckgasse 7, CH-8001 Zurich (Tel 01 I 252 83 55, Fax 01 I 252 83 57).

Want to know more about 'Girls Wanna Have Fun'? Visiting Switzerland and no idea where to go? Write to
Posifach 186,
4007 Basel,



GWHF rules have always been:

NO sex within the group. We all know that many trannies and even some guys like having sex with 'special girls' but this is not our business Sexuality is a private matter.

GWHF is a private, non-commercial organisation. There is no membership fee. However, donations for covering our postal fees are always welcome.

We are fully aware of what problems and difficulties transgendered people might have with themselves and their environment but we don't discuss them for hours. All we want is to have fun.

GWHF doesn't know any gender barriers We are open for CD's, TV's, TS's as well as biological women and men (supporting partners and friends) Just one thing always has to be kept in mind NO SEX


Where to go in Switzerland

If you behave well and are dressed appropriately you don't have any problems going anywhere in Switzerland I don't know of a single case of a tranny being thrown out of any place or attacked. However, it is still recommended to go out in company. Even 'real girls' don't usually go out alone, do they.

The following locations are known as tranny friendly:

Lucie's Aarebar Wangenstrasse 55, 4705 Wangen an der Aare Located between Basel and Bern A 'straight' bar. Organising so-called 'Strapsparties' (fetish events) once every month. Trannies are always welcome.

Carla's Schwanen Josefstrasse 151 8005 Zurich A small, typical Swiss downtown restaurant Good food, run by a GWHF member Providing shows from time to time.

The following shops are known as tranny friendly:

Black Box Seetalstrasse 13, 6020 Emmen, Tel 041/2607744/ Fax 041/2608826 First class, swiss designed casual and fetish leather clothing at reasonable prices Very friendly staff

Crazy Sexy Center Clarastasse 46, 4058 Basel, Tel 061/691 6996 Wigs, silicone breasts, footwear (up to size 46), fetish clothing, magazines Very friendly staff

Extreme Design Haringstrasse 15, 8001 Zurich, Tel 01/2609393 I Fax 01/2609391,, Wigs, silicon breasts, footwear, exquisite fetish clothing Run by one of our sisters

Peruckeria Bahnhofstrasse 1, 4806 Wikon, Tel 062/7512825,, Large selection of wigs Appointment recommended Mail order service