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Austin, Texas

Nestled in the beautiful Texas hill country, is the state capital, home to a vibrant nightlife and is also famous for being the ...

"Live Music Capital of the World".

If live music is not your thing, there is a thriving live theatre scene, art house cinemas and a vital club DJ scene. A variety of restaurants ranging from earthy ethnic to elegant fine dining surround us. There are also many little neighbourhoods, like South Congress Avenue and Hyde Park, with cozy coffee houses and designer boutiques. A new international airport has made this Texas treasure more accessible than ever before.

Beneath Congress Avenue Bridge, spanning the Colorado River, which divides the city’s north and south sides, resides the largest urban bat colony in North America. Approximately 1.5 million Mexican free-tail bats have made the underside of the bridge their summer home, and in the process created one of the city’s major tourist attractions. It can take up to 45 minutes for the bats to make their exit from beneath the bridge each evening at dusk.

Austin’s unique party atmosphere begins on historic 6th Street. A cleaned up, funky version of New Orleans’s famous Bourbon Street, Austin’s 6th Street offers the busiest nightlife of any major city in the state. It’s a diverse mix of dance clubs, bars, pool halls, restaurants, comedy clubs and live music venues in the midst of a virtual melting pot of people, from college kids to professionals, and teenyboppers to punks. Red River Street, which plays host to much of Austin’s alternative live music scene, intersects 6th Street, as does the Warehouse District on the opposite side of Congress Avenue.

The Warehouse District features a more grown-up atmosphere, with a variety of elegant, upscale pubs, clubs and fine dining at some of the city’s best restaurants. You’ll even find a couple of queen friendly gays clubs here – the BOYZ CELLAR , home to the LIPSTICK LOUNGE, with shows featuring creative, young drag queens, and OILCAN HARRY’S, both near 4th Street and Lavaca.

The decidedly liberal attitude of the city (Austin has had a clause in its City Charter since the early 1980’s expressly forbidding discrimination for sexual orientation, including transgenderism), along with its rolling green hills and beautiful lakes makes Austin a Mecca for fun seekers from all around the state. At the beginning and the end of each summer, the city is host to Splash Days, when gays from across the state converge on Lake Travis by day, and at night party at the many great dance clubs scattered throughout the downtown area.

“Austin has a colourful and exciting transgender scene”.

BOUT TIME can be found by taking the highway north toward Dallas it will bring you to ‘this cross dresser’s bar in the northern part of city. A favourite of the local tranny and cross dressing girls, it serves a mixed gay and lesbian crowd in a tavern style bar with a safe, relaxed and friendly atmosphere, and it is recommended as the #1 tranny bar in Austin by Transformations make up & hair. Entertainment includes pool tables, video games, large screen TV, sand volleyball courts and the most fun drag shows in town.

CHARLIE’S is back downtown, standing in the shadow of the capital. It is the oldest gay bar in the city and still draws a crowd with nightly events. The crowd consists mainly of guys, gals and trannies of all shapes, sizes and ages. Special events are scheduled for every night of the week, whether its drag shows, pool tournaments or free buffets. Charlie’s Sunday Show is the most professional drag show in the city.

THE 1920’S CLUB is an upscale martini bar just 2 blocks from the capitol building and is hosted by and is frequented by a growing number of transgender patrons seeking a quieter alternative to 6th Street. It boasts a very comfortable environment for transgirls and their spouses and also has a very elegant after theatre crowd. It’s the kind of place a bi-curious F. Scott Fitzgerald would choose to take a nightcap.

SIDEKICKS, the newest club on the Austin T-scene, is a multi level dance club featuring three separate and distinct clubs in one arena. The standout being the Show Room, which features extravagant drag shows and pure Texan beauty as well as an enormous lesbian clientele. It also hosts pageants and other special events in the area.


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TRANSFORMATIONS MAKEUP & HAIR was founded in 1990 and is owned and operated by myself - Jon Davis (aka Beth Boye). Transformations is well known throughout America and is dedicated to serving all of our sisters in the transgender community. Beauty is my livelihood. As a licensed appearance designer and image consultant I work daily mostly with female clientele. I may be doing ad campaigns, fashion shows or beauty pageants. Transformations is a natural extension of my lifelong experience as a transgendered person and is the basis for my belief that every TG person, especially those new to the art, should have professional image counselling to ensure success in creating their own unique style. Team Transformations’ talented make up and hair artists are trained in our techniques of contouring make up and are very experienced in the proper use of cosmetics and how to fulfil the needs of our TG clients by educating and advising them on how to achieve a pretty and passable appearance, thus achieving an inspirational and positive effect on their cross-dressing activities. Whether you are a first timer or a more experienced transsexual, we are ready to welcome you to Transformations Make-up & Hair. We offers something for everyone.


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