Emma's Dressing Service - Business Profile

What made you think of starting your service?

There was a need, yet a void in our area.

How long have you been doing it?

One year.

What is the main aim of your business (relieve stress, make women, make money)?

I hope to show people how to look and feel pretty and confident. The use of make-up, body altering, garment selection and photography come together in an educating blend.

Do your customers prefer one to one privacy or do they like to meet other?

I work with one person at a time for make overs but have several parties a year where people dress together, trade ideas and chat.

What basic services do you provide (wardrobe, make-up, photography, shower)?

Yes all those and a few more.

How do sissies, maids, schoolgirls etc fit into your servcies?

You Many people have fashion fetish fantasies and I try to help provide a solution to achieve their needs.

Do you arrange individual or group trips into "normal" venues - if so where and how are they ?

Yes that service is offered. We can take clients on shopping trips, outdoor or out of studio photography, restaurants, parks, etc.

Do you support particular events, taking groups - if so what events?

Yes, local support group socials, concerts and Pride Day activities

What extra services do you provide (counselling, role play, sexual adventures)?

Photography, photo editing, graphic design, custom made garment design (specialising in lycra & latex), parties, lighting and modelling. I also teach people how to model for the camera.