Glamourworld - Sydney, Australia Business Profile

Products: Speciality designs for the cross-dresser including back-lacing corsets, lacing waist clinchers, bras, gaffs, step-in and padded girdles, opaque stockings and hosiery in large sizes, blouses skirts, sexy dresses, maids outfits, bridal etc. Also stock large size shoes and boots, breast prosthesis, wigs, make-up, fantasy & fetish fashions including PVC and rubber wear, and a wide range of sexy, larger sized lingerie.

Customers visit our shop located 10 minutes from Sydney, where they find experienced, friendly staff.

What made you think of offering your service to TGs?

In 1977 I was married to a cross dresser and realised that there was almost nothing available for the cross-dressing community in Australia. I started up a service which initially covered selling make-up and wigs by mail order, and a consulting service where I did their make-up and provided wigs, clothing and shoes for wear during the session. As people asked me to find different things for them, I started to design garments to suit their specific needs. I had to discontinue the consulting service several years ago, but have expanded my designing to include corsets, bustiers, and fetish fashion wear, all of which is also very popular with my cross dressers.

How long have you been doing it ?

Over 25 years.

Do you only serve the TG community - if mixed how does that work?

I now have a wide range of clientele including brides, women of all sizes, couples, dancers, fetish dressers and of course cross-dressers and transsexuals. There is very rarely a problem. This is, after all Sydney, where we usually live and let live.

What special arrangements do yo make to help TGs?

I have a discreet fitting room for cross-dressers, but if they feel a bit uncomfortable when there are ladies in the shop (and the women generally don't bat an eyelash), then the nervous ones will look through catalogues until the shop is clear. I find that a lot of cross-dressers gain confidence from our accepting, laid-back but helpful attitude, and return time after time.

What could TGs do to help you provide a better service to them?

Not come into the shop, try on nearly everything in stock for 1 - 2 hours, then leave without even buying a pair of stockings. It strains our faith in human nature, and our patience with the genuine customer.

359 Parramatta Road
Sydney 2040

Tel: (+61 2) 9550 9654