TG Cosmetics International Web Shop - Business Profile


What made you think of offering your service to TGs?

When I started dressing I found that I had to go to several different suppliers just to buy what I wanted and often paid high prices as well. If I found myself in the boat then i'm sure others feel the same way as well. I therefore had an idea of providing a complete one stop shop for all transgender needs. There are some serious gaps in the TG market that needed filling and as i'm transgendered then I can understand and appreciate peoples needs. My customer base is growing all the time so I must be doing something right.

How long have you been doing it ?

The business was formed in July 2003 and has been running for 18 months now.

From the Lingerie Range

Do you only serve the TG community - if mixed how does that work?

No, I sell to everybody not just transgendered people. The balance works really well and I have many customers in this country and abroad. My customers come from all walks of life. I have customers who need make up / accessories for theatres and real women who have purchased wigs. I have something for everybody and this strategy is working well.

What special arrangements do you make to help TGs?

At the moment we are a mail order company only and we are available seven days a week to answer customers questions and to give advice. Much of the advice people need is on the website already.

From the Uniform Range

What could TGs do to help you provide a better service to them?

I do get good and positive feedback from customers and that is nice, many customers have asked whether we can get hold of specific items that are not part of our main range. This we do with a view to making them available to everyone. After all if one customers wants to buy a particular product then others could also. We pride ourselves on the highest level of customer focused business and we constantly adapt to our customer's needs.

From the Boots Range

TGC Trading,
Unit 106
9 St. Johns Street