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Where is it based (or is it a virtual cyber group)? is an international organisation with an office in the UK, servers in Florida, staff in the UK, US, Australia, Canada, France and Italy and members all over the world.

Who is welcome to join?

We welcome all kinds of trannies (TV/CD/TS/MTF/FTM/etc), their friends, families and admirers.

Who is not welcome to join?

Trannyhaters and troublemakers.

Is sexuality, religion, marital status a factor in suitability?


How do you join?

Just go along to the site at and click on Register in the main menu.

What happens after joining?

Our members enjoy 24 hour chat rooms, forums, picture galleries, personal ads, their own tranny blogger. Their own tranny email account and their own tranny website. They can search thru over 22,000 members profiles, receive the Tranny Tribune (our monthly newsletter), search the web with Mabel - the worlds largest transgender search engine, plus loads more. They also enjoy Trannyweb member discounts at various online tranny shops and can download their free copy of T-log, our tranny software for those in transition.

Approximately how many members and from what area (geographically)?

At the time of writing we have around 22,000 members from almost every country in the world, but mostly from the US and UK.

How mixed is your group (culturally, intellectually)?

Our members represent every cultural and intellectual group you can think of.

Is there a major focus for your group (an event, education, outreach, regular meetings)?

As well as 24 hour chat on line, we also have specific times put aside for specific geographic area - after all, if you live in Australia you won't want to get out of bed in the middle of the night to chat with our American members - or will you? We also have various regular themed chats on topics such as make-up, hormones, passing, and so on. The forums are also very popular with over 30,000 posts and rising fast.

What percentage of members meet in person - if you meet - where do you meet?

We occassionally have official Trannyweb 'Girly Nights Out' in various cities around the world. These have so far included London and Manchester in the UK, Washington DC and Baltimore in the USA, and Sydney in Australia. The girls get together for unofficial nights out most every week. Talk to the girls to discover this weeks venue - there are favourite places in each country and city.