Transcare - Essex, UK Business Profile

What is the service or product that you provide and do customers visit you?

Hair and beauty, wigs, breast forms, derma blend beard cover, jewellery, hair pieces (wigs), gaffs (hide the bulge), hip and rear pads and panties.

What made you think of offering your service or product to TGs?

TGs were talking up all my time as a volunteer with Transliving Support Group.

How long have you been doing it ?

20 years.

Do you only serve the TG community - if mixed how deos that work?

I do a lot of mail order, I make a point of making appointments separately, so I do not mix transgender with Joe public.

What special arrangements do you make to help TGs (discretion, multiple communications, easy parking, special hours)?

Parking is easy as it is a private home, visitors can receive a map to help them find me by post fax or email. I try to be flexible and come to a mutual agreement on appointment timing.

What could TGs do to help you provide a better service to them?

If they can not make an appointment it would be most helpful if they phone or cancel. We are not interested in a reason, we just like to know where we stand.

PO Box 3
SS13 3ET

Tel: 01268 583761