The WayOut Club - London, UK Business Profile

What is the service or product that you provide and do customers visit you?

The club is first of all a nightclub with two DJs and a unique show every week. We serve food all night and the dancing builds from cheesy to europhoric through the night. You will find over 100 of the full range of trans people from 'first time out' to always out including pre and post op transsexuals as well as drag queen and trendy tranny club babes.

What made you thing of offering you service or product to TGs?

Back in 1992 there was no weekly club in London that was designed to suit Tgirls and their friends. The club is still the only weekly club of its kind and is unequalled in possibly the world. It has never missed a Saturday night in over 12 years.

Do you only serve the TG community - if mixed how does that work?

The club is very mixed. Every week there are gentlemen who may be TG but are not confident to 'dress' in public or they might want to meet a Tgirl friend. There are always significant others including partners, family and friends. They all enjoy meeting other trannies often comparing notes and always amazed at the diversity. Every age, race, sexuality, and EVERY gender.

What special arrangements do you make to help TGs (discretion, multiple communications, easy parking, special hours)?

Our location is carefully chosen to provide safe, discreet parking and entry. We have a changing room and make-up service. Early birds get a free drink and those changing get a voucher for free storage of their bags. An area with sofas, tables and chairs allow plenty of space to rest your feet, chat, mix and mingle. A 'star search' night each month give anyone the opportunity to perform and those that win the audience applause win a cash prize and often go on to become regular performers in the clubs weekly shows. These shows include talented live performers as well as MTV style mime and dance tributes. The clubs monthly finale is a 'Lets go to the Movies' show with props, scenery, costumes and talent to re-create favourite musical movies. Vicky Lee hosts the club in person each week together with a great team to ensure everyone has a great time.

What could TGs do to help you provide a better service to them?

Not to listen to inevitable poisonous gossip and to try the club for THEMSELVES. Then if there are ANY annoyances, worries, questions, fears (however rare) to bring them to the notice of their host IMMEDIATELY they arise so that they can be sorted out straight away.

EVERY SATURDAY (only saturdays)
The WayOut Club
9 Crosswall (off Minories)

EVERY Saturday night 9pm to 4am (show at 2am)