Cross Dressers International (CDI)- Support Group Profile

Some of the Group

Who is welcome to join?

Everyone with an interest in male to female cross dressing.

Who is not welcome to join?

Everyone is welcome - no exclusions.

Is sexuality, religion, maritial status a factor in suitability?

No, we welcome all races, religions and sexual orientations.

Madeline & Amy

How do you joing?

Fill out our application and pay the annual dues ($45). Alias names are permitted and an address is optional. Other information that is supplied voluntarily is confidential and held off premises.

What happens after joining?

Open House and special events are provided at a reduced rate.

Approximately how many members and from what areas?

There are approximately 35 members mostly in the New York Metropolitan area.

Ginger & Alicia

How mixed is your group (culturally, intellectually) ?

A very mixed group regarding culture, intellect, education, age and religion. The only thing in common is cross dressing.

Is there a major focus for your group ?

Cross Dressers International (CDI) is an organisation dedicated to helping male to female cross dressers without regard to race, religion or sexual orientation and promoting public understanding and acceptance of cross dressers. CDI helps anyone who needs information regarding grooming, clothing, appearing in public, relationships and other issues with direct help or references to professional help.

What percentage of members meet in person - if you meet - where do you meet?

Approximately 80% at teh Annual Business Meeting
Approximately 45% at the weekly meetings.

Trish & Amy

Do members of the group get 'out and about' together if so where?

Yes we have frequent club excursions, dinners at restaurants, theatre outings and cruises.

Tel: 1-212 / 564 - 4847
(answered in Wednesdays from 6pm to 9.30pm eastern time)

Joanne & Alta