Cross Port - Cincinnati, Ohio, USA - Suport Group Profile

Vickie, Beverly, Georgia, Michelle

Who is welcome to join?


Who is not welcome to join?


Is sexuality, religion, maritial status a factor in suitability?


How do you joing?

Go to the monthly meeting pay a yearly fee.

What happens after joining?

Monthly social and newsletter.

Approximately how many members and from what areas?

100 from Ohio, Indiana and Kentucky.

How mixed is your group (culturally, intellectually) ?

Quite varied.

Is there a major focus for your group ?

Regular meetings.

Antonia, Stephanie, Lisa

What percentage of members meet in person - if you meet - where do you meet?

20 or so per meeting at Washington Platform Restaurant downtown Cincy.

Do members of the group get 'out and about' together if so where?

Yes after the monthly social a large group usually go out to a local pub.

Gender Support Group
P.O. Box 1692
Ohio 45201

Tel: (513) 919-4850