Transliving International Business Profile

What is the name of your business and where do you work?

We are a support group for cross dressers and all those who have gender issues in their lives. This organisation has been running since 1983.

Who is welcome to join?

Anyone who enjoys TG company from anywhere in the world.

Who is not welcome to join?

We hold no bars.

Is sexuality, religion, marital status a factor in suitability?

We support all - we are a very diverse group.

How do you join?

From the website, over the phone or write in to our post box and request an information pack.

What happens after joining?

You receive magazines, a membership card, reduced entry to parties, have the support of the help line, can place contact adverts free in the magazine and on our website.


Approximately how many members?

We have nearly 800 members with approx 200 outside the UK.

How mixed is your group (culturally, intellectually) ?

Quite a mixed culture membership.

Is there a major focus for your group (an event, education, outreach, regular meetings)?

We have monthly parties, we also produce educational material and give talks to various organisations and companies.

What percentage of members meet in person - if you meet - where do you meet?

Hard to say, we meet members at the party, other venues and some visit my home.

Do members of the group get 'out and about' together - if so where?

Write I understand members have crossed the channel as a group to visit France, lots go together to London to the TG Clubs - The WayOut Club, Transmission and Tootsies.

01268 583 761

PO Box 3, Basildon, Essex SS13 3ER