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While preparing the 11th edition of the Tranny Guide series of books, I guessed that I must have many readers that have their own story and advice to offer. I based a set of questions on the subjects that I have always tried to answer in my Tranny Guide books and sent them out to my correspondents.
Profiles and great pictures soon began to arrive but the magic came when I realised that no two were the same. There may be similarities but each one is SO individual. The comparison of answers from one person to another builds a wonderful understanding of individuality and diversity.
There is SO much to learn by reading a good selection of these profiles. Not just about transgendered people but about the diversity of people in general.

When I first put out these questions I had not imagined the interactive life that these profiles would have. For example read what Monica from Amsterdam wrote.

" In October we were visited by three friends from England. Louise Wood, who had her profile in last year's Tranny Guide, contacted me after having read my profile in the same book to see if we could meet, (this proves the usefulness of the personal profiles). And so on a dreadfully cold Friday night in October Louise, her friends Zara and Jo, with my friends Jun, Natasha and Renate and myself set out for a night in Amsterdam ".

Please note these Personal Profiles are based on a set pattern of questions designed to help understand the variety of transgender people. These profiles have been moderated by this web site. You are invited to submit your Personal Profile
to our articles section Click here for the list of questions

Of course I would not ask anyone to answer questions that I would not answer myself. SO ... my answers to the questions is the first Profile below.

vicky signature

Vicky Lee's Profile
I am an inbetweenie, not man, not woman, not straight, not gay, I am just me; an entrepreneur, promoter, performer, artist, writer, publisher who loves everything feminine and is VERY good at DIY xx

Sasha DeMonaco's Profile
I'm from Amsterdam. I think I'm somewhere between TV and TS. I can compare the feeling the best with the feeling of going on vacation; its great to go on vacation, and you can have a lot of fun there, but its also nice to come home after a while and go on with your normal life.

Tessa Stevenson's Profile
Born in London with a boarding school background. I'm fine with being called a Tranny, it's a term I use myself. I think I'm a TV with a hint of CD in the kinkier elements of my wardrobe. I'd also love a pill that would make me a complete woman just for the weekend!

Rachel Cox's Profile
My name is Rachel Cox. I am a bisexual tranny, living in the West Country, Bristol. I am 37 years old. I come from a working class background.

Tonibelle's Profile
I am a middle class, middle aged, Caucasian, English male, married with two older teenage children. I was a teacher until middle age when I managed to switch to being a freelance writer.

Mandy's Profile
I am Mandy from Essex, married for 15 years. I dress weekly at home on Saturday afternoons, just to do the chores and various things around the house.

Romana's Profile
I am from the USA and I am a husband who is transsexual, but not going to fully-transition.

Frances's Profile
I'm Frances; presently living here in London, leading both a charmed, blessed and serendipitous life.

Sasha's Profile
Sasha is 26 years old and born in Penang Island in Malaysia but works on stage as a performer in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

Maria DeBianci's Profile
In my mind I am a transvestite. I am 39 years old and have been dressing from age 9 or 10. My name is a bit of a mix of partners names and my names, translated into Italian for effect! I have had liposuction in order to improve certain of my attributes. Hair removal I only do partially, and hormones I would never consider.

Erika's Profile
My name is Erika Ridley and i come from a stable family background. I'm 43 but starting dressing up (well messing about really) at home when i was about 14. I would guess that i'd class myself as a Non-op TS.

Daniella's Profile
From the Beaumont Society Roses South & Translife Magazine. Married for 40 years. I am a 100% heterosexual cross-dresser. I would have preferred to have been born female. I have several different images. My perceptions of beauty and femininity were formed in the 1950’s and 60’s. Marilyn Monroe first made me want to dress like a woman. I am also a member of some costume societies, especially corsetry.

Amanda Murray's Profile
Amanda is a TV that is a 51 year old Business owner who is married and lives in Oxfordshire. Only Amanda's wife knows that she dresses. Her wife has helped her with make up etc in the past but is not really comfortable with the whole thing and it does affect their sex life. However Amanda's wife believes that she should let her husband do what she really wants and has no objections to his visits to the WayOut Club.

Joanne Noble's Profile
From New York with a MBA degree, was married with children and grandchildren. She dresses between 2 and 5 times a week to go to the theatre, museums, food and clothing stores, the beach, club meetings and night clubs. She has no control over her TG thoughts and has tried to stop many, many times.

Kirsty's Profile
A Transvestite from Devon in my 30’s and I am a soldier. Make up and hair are very important they completely change the way you look, done well you could walk past your own mum and not be recognized. I have a bit of a thing for PVC as I think its just about the sexiest stuff in the world! My wife is the only person that knows I dress. I think I will only ever fancy real girls but when you are dressed it is nice to be noticed and chatted to by guys I think it just makes me feel that little bit more girly.

Lucy Hamilton's Profile
Lucy is over 40 years old and is an international business consultant from London. She started dressing regularly when she was 14 years old. She usually likes to dress as the sophisticated professional career lady look.

Sandra Lezinsky's Profile
Sandra is from the USA, works in local government administration. My first marriage ended in 1995 due to my cross-dressing, but I am now in a lasting relationship with a new partner, Sarah, who is a post-operative transexual.


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