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The gay community has gained wide acceptance and increasingly equal rights due to the hard work and brave candid openess of many gay role models. We can reel off hundreds of names without trying too hard but conversly this is not true of transgender role models. Here lies the main problem. Without strong, positive, brave public role models a minority struggles for understanding, acceptance and equal rights.


Eddie IzzardHowever at the transvestite end of the transgender spectrum we have very few positive public role models.
Until such role models step forward and find opportunities to gain the empathy of the public - both transvestites, (and those transsexuals mistaken for transvestites), will in practice, continue to struggle to receive the respect, safety and rights due any human being - and indeed the rights in law accorded to gays and transsexuals.

I do understand that some of the transvestite role models featured here are controversial even within the tranny community - but despite this I believe they too deserve all of our thanks.

Eddie Izzard - Comedian

Grayson Perry - Turner Prize Winner

Richard O'Brien - Rocky Horror Fame

Frank Marino - Joan Rivers Impersonater

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In recent years we have seen considerable progress with government legislation to give rights to transsexuals. These efforts are at last, to a degree, achieving positive change and better lives for transsexuals. However this greater understanding, and acceptance must equally be attributed to the growing list of positive transsexual role models. These people deserve, along with the political campaigners, our greatest thanks.

Entries in this section coming soon - any suggestions??
Any budding jounalists out there ??

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Hi from Vicky Lee

Since 1993 I have enjoyed writing and publishing my own thoughts in articles in my books and magazines.

However much of what I have published have been amazing contributions from all around the world which I have enjoyed editing and presenting to the public.

Obviously in a printed book there is finite space due to the high cost of print and distribution.

Here on this web site I can express myself and offer you the same opportunity. This space can be infinite (depending on advertisers support).

This is your opportunity.
I look forward to hearing from you HERE soon.

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