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This is it a genuine online magazine for those that want to explore the fun, beauty and creativity of transgender people... Simply FREE articles ...

Transgender Service Providers answer all the questions you would ask

Jamie Austin - Make Up Artist - Massachusetts USA
Jamie works with Glamour Boutique based in Massachusetts USA - Jamie introduces new clients to their alter ego with the magic of make-up and a very sexy wardrobe.

Emma's Dressing Service - Cincinnati, Ohio, USA
Emma opened her dressing service in Cincinnati a year ago to make people feel pretty and give them confidence.

The Boudoir Dressing Service - London, UK
Luxury Dressing service providing makeovers, dressing appointments, make-up lessons, stunning professional photo shoots & organised trips.

The WayOut Club - TG Nightclub - London, UK
Nightclub for girls, boys and inbetweenies in London. A Glamourous night of dancing with 2 DJs, Unique Spectacular Cabaret or a Special Event EVERY Saturday. The most diverse mix of people in one place in the World "Every Age, Every Race, Every Sexuality and Every Gender" Whether you come to be entertained, dine, dance chill or chat ,,, we look forward to meeting YOU soon.

Trannyweb.com - Internet Site
International organisation with chatrooms, forums, picture galleries and more.

Glamourworld - One Stop Shop - Sydney, Australia
Shop selling speciality designs for the cross-dresser including back-lacing corsets, lacing waist clinchers, bras, gaffs, step-in and padded girdles, opaque stockings and hosiery in large sizes, blouses skirts, sexy dresses, maids outfits, bridal etc. Also stock large size shoes and boots, breast prosthesis, wigs, make-up, fantasy & fetish fashions including PVC and rubber wear, and a wide range of sexy, larger sized lingerie.

Transcare - Beauty & Image - Essex, UK
Does Hair and Beauty. Selling Wigs, hair pieces, Breastforms, derma blend beard cover, jewellery, gaffs (hide that bulge), hip and rear pads and panties.

TG Cosmetics International Webshop
A complete one stop shop for all transgender needs


He or She? cover book by Vicky Lee explains EVERYTHING about transgender




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Jodietransforms Ralph Little at the Boudoirjodie and ralph little

Hi from Vicky Lee

Since 1993 I have enjoyed writing and publishing my own thoughts in articles in my books and magazines.

However much of what I have published have been amazing contributions from all around the world which I have enjoyed editing and presenting to the public.

Obviously in a printed book there is finite space due to the high cost of print and distribution.

Here on this web site I can express myself and offer you the same opportunity. This space can be infinite (depending on advertisers support).

This is your opportunity.
I look forward to hearing from you HERE soon.

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Since 1993 The WayOut Publishing Company Ltd has provided a Guide, to the full spectrum of the transgender community including: first out and regular; TVs, Transvestites, Cross Dressers, T Girls, Trans girls, She Males, Lady Boys, Drag Queens and pre and post op Transsexuals, plus Trans Allies i.e. friends, family,emplorers, co workers, public media and admirers.
This web site now offers TG Books - PLUS Free TG magazines and Free TG articles based on the books and magazines that we published over 13 years
We hope you enjoy The WayOut Publishing website.
Should you have any comments or suggestions we would be happy to hear then as your feedback is always appreciated by me .... Vicky Lee