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He or She? cover book by Vicky Lee explains EVERYTHING about transgender

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This is it a genuine online magazine for those that want to explore the fun, beauty and creativity of transgender people... Simply FREE articles ...

Your reports from your part of the world or the places you have visited
---- Stories & pictures from our correspondents this is a very exciting section -----
---- illustrating the spread and diversity or transgender all around the planet -----


- LGBT Parades in Europe with Pamela A

- Wigstock New York by Frederike De Jonge

COUNTRIES & CITIES (Scroll down for USA)

- Australia by Christie McNicol

- Austria by Eva Fels

- Barcelona by Inma

- Belgium by Pamela A

- Brazil by Alekssandra Ceciliato

- Cap d'Agde in France by Natasha

- Canada by Deb Pike

- Copenhagen by Katrina Collins

- Egypt by Eva Fruitee & Vicky Lee

- Gran Canaria with The Gemini Club

- Holland by Monica Dreamgirl

- Hungary by Viki

- Italy by Mandy Romero

- Japan by Vicky Lee & Frederike de Jonge

- London by Kenia from Belgium

- Paris by Eva Fruitee

- Prague by Andrea

- Russia by Margaret

- Rome by Eva Fruitee

- Switzerland by Angela

- Thailand by Nikki

- Venice by Frederike De Jonge

Below are TG reports from different states across America

- New York by Dale De Vere

- San Fransisco by Miss Bob

- Los Angeles by Marlayna Lacie

- Texas by Beth Boye

If you would like to contribute a report for your area or a place that you have visited please email me your text and pictures HERE




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Hi from Vicky Lee

Since 1993 I have enjoyed writing and publishing my own thoughts in articles in my books and magazines.

However much of what I have published have been amazing contributions from all around the world which I have enjoyed editing and presenting to the public.

Obviously in a printed book there is finite space due to the high cost of print and distribution.

Here on this web site I can express myself and offer you the same opportunity. This space can be infinite (depending on advertisers support).

This is your opportunity.
I look forward to hearing from you HERE soon.

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Since 1993 The WayOut Publishing Company Ltd has provided a Guide, to the full spectrum of the transgender community including: first out and regular; TVs, Transvestites, Cross Dressers, T Girls, Trans girls, She Males, Lady Boys, Drag Queens and pre and post op Transsexuals, plus Trans Allies i.e. friends, family,emplorers, co workers, public media and admirers.
This web site now offers TG Books - PLUS Free TG magazines and Free TG articles based on the books and magazines that we published over 13 years
We hope you enjoy The WayOut Publishing website.
Should you have any comments or suggestions we would be happy to hear then as your feedback is always appreciated by me .... Vicky Lee