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"The View is better when your on the fence"

Vicky Lee


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Vicky Lee is the host of The WayOut Club and since 1993 has met 100 to 200 people every week at the club. Over these years Vicky has seen many friends transition from male to female. She has seen many develop rounded creative lifestyles. While she has developed her own creativity merging the male and female in her own character and maintaining a 35 year relationship with her female partner.

Vicky Lee started exploring the world of cross-dressing and trans people in the late 80's and in 1993 published everything she knew in a book called 'The Transvestites Guide to London'. This book became, in 1995, an international book of listings and advice called colloquially 'The Tranny Guide' and referred to by many as "the trannies bible". The name 'The Tranny Guide' was adopted officially in 1996 and twelve editions were published, one each year, full of advice and articles.

At a time before the internet, this series of books did a tremendous amount to expand awareness of the opportunities and scale of "transgender" activity and helped the transgender scene mature. In 2008 Vicky Lee was presented The 'Sparkle' TG award for lifetime achievement and contribution to the Transgender community, an award voted by thousands from all around the world. Vicky is an advisor to 'Forum Magazine' and has contributed to a number of authority 'Diversity Forums'.

Vicky has now distilled her well qualified thoughts and advice into her new book HEorSHE? subtitled "The view is better when your on the fence". This subtitle is in reference to Vicky's belief that the duality of being transgendered provides an enhanced life experience - if you let it.

In her book Vicky first answers many of the hardest questions Starting with a discussion about why it appears so important to ask when a baby is born, is it a He or She? Vicky goes on to explore why some people cross-dress and the terminology used to discuss the phenomena? Why some people are transgendered? How long has this been going on? and is there a cure?

In each section of the book Vicky adds relevant autobiography to support her conclusions and to further provide balance includes other peoples biography contributions. Vicky also includes in her book, profiles of organisations and services that support those that cross-dress and are transgendered. She gives her own advice on how to feminize the body and form an image that works with the way your mind works. She includes advice on sharing this image and this part of your character with others from close friends and family to like minded others in social situations. Vicky does not shy away from discussing the sexuality options that being transgendered offers, while making it clear that she believes that sexuality and gender are two very separate issues and in no way need to be connected.

Vicky discusses the variety of ways that relationships can stay functional around a transgendered person, with more contributions from contributors and more of Vicky's own auto biography. Finally Vicky introduces a rarely discussed concept. She suggests with many colorful examples, the concept that, releasing the feminine can generate creativity, that would not have emerged constrained by stereotypical gender conditioning.

The truly outstanding quality of 1000s of pictures and the high standard of contributions to this 200 page, full colour, glossy book, combined with the experience, wit and candid writing of Vicky Lee herself, make this a book that any one remotely interested in the subject must have.

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