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TG AtoZ sample page 1
Exceptional & Super Star reports
TG AtoZ sample page 2International listings from all around the world
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Personal profiles from many international TgirlsTG AtoZ sample page 4
Photo reports from international events TG AtoZ sample page 5
A large separate USA section TG AtoZ sample page 6
Personal profiles from many American Tgirls
TG AtoZ sample page 7
Exceptional West coast USA reports
from Marlayna Lacie
TG AtoZ sample page 8
Exceptional East coast USA reports
from Miss Vera

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Large separate UK section
TG AtoZ sample page
Personal profiles from many UK Tgirls TG AtoZ sample page
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Exceptional UK reports
from Miss Jodie Lyn and the Boudetts

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This book will be your invaluable guide to all the TG events, shops, services and places to go on the transgender scene world-wide. It contain listings, pictures and Personal Reports from around the world. This book IS a travel guide, but far more importantly It is an INSPIRATION - as it clearly shows that cross-dressing and transgendered people exist in abundance world-wide.

"Aiming to provide an awareness of the scale, and diversity - 30 to 40 years ago I remember the pain of thinking I was the only person in the world with transgender thoughtss running around in my mind. At that time I had no name for my thoughts but I knew I had to be careful who I shared them with. When I found that there were people like me in every area in the world I was amazed and inspired".

As I have received reports year by year they have become more positive more confident more full of joy. I do not expect that after reading this book every reader will start traveling the world in a frock to greet far flung "sisters.” Instead I hope that knowledge of the sheer magnitude of the global cross-dressing community will help YOU feel more at ease with your (or those around you’s) feelings.

This book is not just for transgendered people. A diverse and growing range of people find the subject fascinating. Students of sociology and psychology will find the contents useful. Gender including transgender studies is a frequent subject on the curriculum for a number of degree courses. The media (television, magazine etc.) are continually referring to my books whilst researching articles and programmes.

One particular group of readers who are particularly welcomed to this book are the wives and partners of transgender people and cross-dressers. You may be struggling to understand your partner’s feelings and desires or looking for new ways to enjoy the TG scene.

Personal Profiles of individuals are an important part of this book. My correspondents have answered an extensive set of questions and the comparison of their answers along with their pictures teaches us all SO much about transgender and even more about diversity.

BOOK CONTENTS - Here is the exact contents of - 'Transgender AtoZ'

Introducing This new book Transgender AtoZ
Introducing links between books and websites
Introducing links between publishing and club
Introducing TG words, concepts & definitions
Introducing WayOut Personal Profiles
Personal Profile of the editor - Vicky Lee

Super Report A year with Tranny Grange - Nicki
Super Report Working Girls -Monica Dream girl
Super Report Brazillian Girls - Alekssandra
Euro Events 2005/2006
Personal Profile of Jaquline from Germany
Personal Profile Sasha De Monaco from Holland
Australia Report - Christie McNichol
Belgium Report - Pamela
Denmark Report - Rebecca Holm
Finland Report - Mandy Romero
Germany Report - Charis Berger
Holland Report - Monica Dreamgirl
Gran Canaria Report - The Gemini Club
Ibiza Report - Cathy Kissmet
Thailand's Alcazar Report - Nikki

USA Events 2005/2006 101
Event Report SCC Atlanta - Vicky Lee
Event Report Dignity Cruises - Peggy & Melanie
Personal Profile of Michelle Zee
Personal Profile of Fionnola Orlando
Personal Profile of Beth Boyle
Business Profile of Glamour Boutique
Business Profile of Jamie Austin, Make-up Artist
Business Profile of Romantic Sensations
Business Profile of Transformations Texas
West Coast Report - Marlayna Lacie
Las Vegas Report - Marlayna Lacie
Las Vegas Report - Vicky Lee
New York Report - Miss Vera
Fire Island Report - Joanne Noble

UK Events 2005/2006
Event Report Spring Glitz Weekend - Trish
Event Report Queen of Speed - Stacey Christie
Personal Profile of Alice Tinker & TG Cosmetics
Business Profile TG Cosmetics
Business Profile of The Makeover Rooms
Business Profile of Lacies / Fantasy Girl
Business Profile of Hide & Sleek, Scotland
South of England Report - Danielle Daniels
Miss Hide & Sleek Report - Adam & Eve
The Gemini Club Report - Nattali

UK Nationwide Listings
UK Central Listings
UK Manchester Listings
UK North Listings
UK South Listings
UK Brighton Listings
UK East Listings
UK West Listings
UK South West Listings
UK Scotland Listings
UK Ireland Listings

London Diary 2005/2006
Boudoir Report - Dressing Service
Doreen Fashions Report - Shop and mail order
Adam & Eve Report - Dressing Service
The WayOut Club Report - Weekly TG club Personal Profile of Beckie Cannons
London Listings
Books Magazines & Videos

286 pages, 1000,s of pictures (black and white). Exceptional reports, Super Star reports, international reports, business profiles, personal profiles, detailed listings of events, shops services and places to go. This book IS a travel guide, but far more importantly It is an INSPIRATION - as it clearly shows that cross-dressing and transgendered people exist in abundance world-wide.

Vicky Lee is the host of The WayOut Club and since 1993 has met 100 to 200 people every week at the club. Over these years Vicky has seen many friends transition from male to female. She has seen many develop rounded creative lifestyles. While she has developed her own creativity merging the male and female in her own character and maintaining a 35 year relationship with her female partner.

Vicky Lee started exploring the world of cross-dressing and trans people in the late 80's and in 1993 published everything she knew in a book called 'The Transvestites Guide to London'. This book became, in 1995, an international book of listings and advice called colloquially 'The Tranny Guide' and referred to by many as "the trannies bible". The name 'The Tranny Guide' was adopted officially in 1996 and twelve editions were published, one each year, full of advice and articles.

At a time before the internet, this series of books did a tremendous amount to expand awareness of the opportunities and scale of "transgender" activity and helped the transgender scene mature. In 2008 Vicky Lee was presented The 'Sparkle' TG award for lifetime achievement and contribution to the Transgender community, an award voted by thousands from all around the world. Vicky is an advisor to 'Forum Magazine' and has contributed to a number of authority 'Diversity Forums'.

"While rebuilding this web site I re-read Transgender AtoZ. I was literally amazed at the amount of detailed information and the quantity and quality of pictures. I had forgotten how much went into this book, not only from me but from my many contributors. I compiled this book just before I took a break to build my house, and frankly, with little time to devote to the book, I did not promote it as well as I should have done. Although the research was done in 2006 most of this information is still current and I would urge you to buy the book not only for specific information but also for the inspiration that you will receive from the contributions from the worldwide transgender scene. Because the research is slightly dated, I have significantly reduced the price of this book and I really believe at this price, it is a steal. I am very proud of this book and know you will be pleased to have a copy"


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This site also offers a freeTranny UK Tranny Guide, free magazines to download plus the history of The WayOut Publishing Company.We also offer an archive of Tranny Guide articles to browse for free. and a service to publish your manuscript and sell your book on your behalf. We hope you enjoy The WayOut Publishing website. Should you have any comments or suggestions we would be happy to hear then as your feedback is always appreciated. Vicky Lee