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MAGAZINE TITLE : Transliving - A4 full colour glossy paperback

It might have been be true to say that this UK based transgender lifestyle magazine, that aspires to be an international contender, has in the past lacked focus, continuity and style. However recent changes in the staffing team and new talented inspiration have revolutionized the magazine

Congratulations to all that are contributing articles pictures and skill and to Stacy who has spread her wings to embrace the new team and let them fly. Each edition contains news collected from the main stream media, etiquette health and beauty advice, fashion tips, a female focus for wives and partners. Events, services reports are featured regularly. The top feature of the magazine has to be the in-depth interviews / letters and pictures of Tgirls from near and far. These are getting better and better with continuity of presentation and better and more imaginative photo shoots.

This magazine leans towards helping those that are following the transsexual route while still providing plenty of interest to the CD part of the TG spectrum. Wives and partners get plenty of support and mention. Though personally the out of balance frequency of stories leading from transvestism to transsexuality may be unnecessary frightening for most spouses to read. (Wives and girlfriends - Just cos your man embraces his feminine side does NOT automatically lead him to want him to cut his tackle off and join the women's institute - especially if you support him in a balanced lifestyle that fulfills you both ... Vicky Lee)

The magazine owes everything to Stacy Novak a RG who has also been at the center of Basildon Essex based Transessex that has developed into Transliving one of the UK largest and longest running support groups.

Vicky Lee signatureRegular Features
News round up – Collected from the worlds media by Danielle
Co-ordinators news - Transliving roundup by Stacy Novak
Health Beauty & Etiquette tips – Editorial by Stacy Novak
Fashion tips – Editorial by Danielle
Venue and Event reports – Editorial by Alison Dale
Photo shoots - Editorial by Alison Essex
Readers letters
Readers’ buy and sell adverts
Readers contact adverts
Scene Guide - Your out and about guide to the TG scene.

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Transliving cover
Transliving sample pageTransliving sample pageTransliving sample pageTransliving sample pageTransliving sample pageTransliving sample pageTransliving sample pageTransliving sample pageTransliving sample pageTransliving sample pageTransliving sample page

Transliving issue 31 LATEST EDITION

Main Features
Alyssa Foster - cover girl writes about her experiences.
Miss Alternative London 2009 - Miss Alma
Winners photoshoot and life story.
Miss Transliving 2009 - Event pictorial report and winners photoshoot and story.
Photo Competition Winner - This issues winner, Angels member Natasha Kitsune photos
High Street Fashion Chic - Transliving readers share their latest purchases from the high street.
The Noughties Oh, What A Decadent Decade!
Danielle, Fashion Editor looks back at the fashion of the past decade.
Partners Corner - Tracy shares her story of being married to a T-Girl.
Transliving Launches New Venue - A look at the new Night Club for Transliving.
Image Works - Alison Dale shares some of her latest work with us.
Sirenna Shows - Sirenna shares her favourite self portraits and story.
Amanda Jane Westwood - Amanda shares her favourite self portraits and story.
Barbara in Puerto Rico - a recent en-femme holiday in Puerto Rico.
From Little Acorns - A personal story of self discovery.
Coming Out at Work - Annie tells us about coming out at work as a woman.
Kates random thinky thoughts - Kate shares some of her random thoughts with us.
Dianna at the V&A - Diannas day out at the V&A.
My TG Life - Rachel tells us about her TG life.
New Girl in Town - Personal life story of Christine Beatty.
Ecrubrekal - Phaedra Kelly tells us about TG band Ecurbrekal.
Lynn Daniels - A tribute to the legendary Lynn who sadly passed away late last year.
A Changing Life - Personal story on the life of Lara Jane.
Grimsbys Rocky Horror Show - The Rocky Horror Picture Show comes to Grimsby.
Only Two, going on 37 - Elizabeth tells us about becoming the first ever TS female Rotary club member.
Taras Story - Coming Out in the Royal Airforce.
The life of Linda Heels - A profile on Linda Heels

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Transliving issue 30

Main Features
In loving memory of Pandora De'Pledge, Miss Alternative London 2009, Bonjour from Paris, Lace Cap Wigs, Going Out: It finally happened! Sparkle 2009, Miss TV Scotland 2009, TransLiving 25th Birthday Party, Breakfast at Tiffany's, Mandy's Photoshoot
CD Squared.....And so much more...

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Transliving issue 29

Main Features
Love from America, The Boudoir in New York, Miss Transliving 2008, Off their trolley, Claire's Wedding Day, Centre Pages Pull Out , Eastbourne 2009

Also in this issue
Hiding the Beard Shadow, Transliving Discount Scheme, Retail therapy for Kate, Abigail Summers, Rachael Essex, Hollywood TV Weekend, Trans-Femme, Permanent Makeup, My Day Out, Miss Fabuliss 2009,

Member Profile: Lola, I am Kate, Jenny Ford, Oestrogenix, Tara's Story, High Street Fashion Chic, Natashas Fabulous Wardrobe, My T-Girl Lifestyle

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Transliving cover issue 28Transliving issue 28

Main Features
Melissa Mendez, High Street Fashion Chic, Heaven and Hell, Miss Transliving 2008, Bond Girl Extraordinaire, Gods Girls Review, Sparkle 2009 What’s on Guide

Also in this issue
Dead Sea Products, The Trocks, Travelling as a Girl, All aboard the bus! Transister, I am Kate, My journey to Charing Cross, A night out at Papillon, Tara’s Story, Member Profile - Colette, Credit Crunch Drugs, Going Out? Life of a Trapped Girl, Vollers Corset History,


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Transliving cover issue 27Transliving issue 27

Main Features
Lauren Harries TV Protogee is interviewed by Stacy / Member profile - Kate from San Paulo Brazil / Racel Fox photoshoot with Trans-Femme / Alison Dale reports the Skin Two Rubber Ball 2008 / Noleen reports the The Seahorse Society Ball in New Zealand / Lorraine reports on Miss TV Scoltland 2008 / Michelle has a photo shoot with Yvonne Barton / Rhiannon reports on her hair extension experience with Hair InXs / Stephanie reports on her experience with Thyroid Chronoplasty and Thyroid Approximation thats voice feminising vocal chord surgery and a shave of the adams apple / Fiona Jameson investigates Transgenderism and Happiness from the view of a Social Scientist / Danielle reports on a role playing girly at the Priory Retreat / Fiona has a fairy godmother themed photo shoot / Member profile Nancy Shell

Alex T Girl / / / Hair Extensions /
Eating Out / Member Profile / Rachael Fox / / Michelles Photoshoot / Stephanies Throat Surgery / A Social Scientist View of TG / The Satin Girls / Fairy Godmother / Member Profile / Pigeon Holed / Legs 800 / The Bastad Meet / Fashion Fringes / Trannies in Las Vegas / A Tall Story / Nylons and the Tall Girl / Three Tall Girls

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Transliving cover issue 26Transliving issue 26

Main Features
St. Trinians unique ten girl themed photo shoot / Rachel's Photoshoot / Club Twisted / The Wedding Fair / Miss Sparkle 2008 / Understanding me / Readers Letters / What Is Life / T-Girl Of The Season / Photo Competition Winner / Sue's Views / Changing Behaviour Towards Food / Classifieds / Readers Adverts / What's On? / Transhealth Press Release / Member Profile / Alison Cooke's Story / The World Of Natasha Beckman / Historical Clothing / Helen Highwater / A Dozen Years In The Life Of A Tranny / St. Audries Bay Venue Report / Introducing Busty Babe, Evie James / Christiano's Press Release / Rachel's Journey To Charring Cross / Summer Fresh / Tara's Story Part 2 / Legs 800 Club Review

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Transliving cover issue 25

Transliving issue 25

Main Features

Plastic Fantastic / Pro Photo Shoot / Essex Girls On The Town In South London / I Am Every?
Reborn On Halloween / Could It Be Magic? / Self Discovery / TransLiving Supergirl 2007 / SRS In Thailand
/ T-Girl Of The Season / Fashion Feature / /Changing Behaviour Towards Food / Classifieds / Readers' Adverts Rachel Page / Goth Chicks Photo Shoot / Lippy & Peepers / Life As A Trans Woman / My First Photo Shoot / Steph's Restuarant / Restuarant Review / Members Profile: Nicola Akehurst / Photo Competition Winner - will you be the winner of this issue? / Dr Richard Curtis Column / Members Profile: Carole Sunderland / First Time Outing To TransLiving

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Transliving issue 24

Alisons Photo Shoot / Brighton Rocked / Brittany en femme / Holding Em up! / The / Friday Night Project / Pink in Berlin / London Fashion Week / Transliving Anniversary Pics / The Lavendar Pound / The camera never lies !!! / A day with Gillian / How clean is your skin? / Be Yourself at image works / Miss Sparkle / Acupuncture / T-Girl of the season / Everyone needs an Ali / It's a family affair / Kelly Minogue /
Manchester Pride / Dr Richard Curtis

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Transliving cover issue 23

Transliving issue 23

Main Features
Alison Dale photo shoot / T-Girl from Indonesia / My visit to Sparkle / Hair today gone tomorrow / Corset styles / Introducing Suzi to the world / Julianne's trip to Germany / With love from Thailand / Readers' letters / T-Girl of the season / G.A.Y porn idol




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Transliving issue 22

The wedding feature of the year (2 brides) / Alex's birthday / Go for it Poppy / What is life? / Accepting yourself / Becky's first day at finishing school / Melissa's story / Health & beauty / T Girl of the season / The Pink room / Tips for shopping / Contacts / Readers' features / And much more

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