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Thank you for visiting this website. Enjoy the resources that I
maintain here.

They are based on the books
that I published before the
internet was invented which made printed books financialy impossible. I would love to hear your feedback

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to avoid spam via the contact section at www.thewayoutclub.com

07778 157 290

Any Saturday at 'The Way Out Club' (I always have time to talk between 10.30 and midnight before the club gets too busy) call or text to let me know you are coming and to check I will be there (I do sometimes take a break)
The WayOut Club

Over 5000 friends keep in touch with Vicky Lee through her Facebook page. Join her and meet her friends. Vicky passes on the many opportunities that she receives.

Vicky Lee on Facebook This is my main Facebook page come and catch up with all that is going on with me


WayOut Facebook GroupThis is where vicky puts up photo albums and all diary events. Here you can enjoy a totally interactive experience with everyone that ‘Likes’ the WayOut Club “Fan Page”.

The WayOut Club Facebook Group
Over 2000 friends keep in touch with each other through The WayOut Club Group. Again Vicky passes on the many opportunities that she receives.

The WayOut Club You Tube ChannelVicky regularly uploads videos from WayOut plus video from WayOuts history. She also adds videos shot by others at WayOut as well as her favourite vids of course mostly relating to the TG scene

For enquiries you can ring me - Vicky Lee -
directly 07778 157 290
between 10am to 7pm Monday to Saturday only please
(my phone does not work at The WayOut Club on Saturday's) and Sunday is my day of rest.

BUT PLEASE look for answers to your questions about The WayOut Club
by checking in 'The Club' menu on www.thewayoutclub.com
Most people that call me always ask the questions that are answered there.

You ALWAYS ask
"Are you open tonight", "
Are men allowed on there own",
"What is the best time to arrive" and
"what is the cost of entry" ...
to which the answers are ...
Yes - men (and women) who are not trans are very welcome on there own
The club is open from 9pm to 4am and gets very busy between 10.30 and midnight
(entry is £12 but £10 before 11pm with discounts for those that cross-dressed)

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He or She? cover book by Vicky Lee explains EVERYTHING about transgender

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Since 1993 The WayOut Publishing Company Ltd has provided a Guide, to the full spectrum of the transgender community including: first out and regular; TVs, Transvestites, Cross Dressers, T Girls, Trans girls, She Males, Lady Boys, Drag Queens and pre and post op Transsexuals, plus Trans Allies i.e. friends, family,emplorers, co workers, public media and admirers.
This web site now offers TG Books - PLUS Free TG magazines and Free TG articles based on the books and magazines that we published over 13 years
We hope you enjoy The WayOut Publishing website.
Should you have any comments or suggestions we would be happy to hear then as your feedback is always appreciated by me .... Vicky Lee